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This Hidden Beach On Vancouver Island Has A Mystical Secret Waterfall

So magical!

We just can't wait to take as many road trips as possible this summer - there are 16 Saturdays this summer, and we are prepared to cram in as many road trips as we can!

This beach near Port Renfrew is known for being a hidden gem for surfers, and is just a short 2 hour drive from Victoria.

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Sombrio Beach is located on Vancouver Island, and is a beautiful, natural beach situated in the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. One of the hidden wonders of Sombrio Beach is a secret waterfall hidden in a cave, attracting tourists from all over.

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The waterfall is so hidden that if you didn't know about it - it could be possible to walk past it and completely miss it! To find the waterfall, head east on the beach and continue walking until you see a creek running into the ocean - follow the watercourse and up the beach you will see the two huge cliffs of rock, the waterfall is hidden within!

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Stay here and take as many photographs as you like, as it truly is a sight to behold - or just bask in the beauty of this hidden waterfall!

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Sombrio Beach is approximately 57 kilometres west of Sooke, and 24 kilometres west of Jordan River along Highway 14. It is located just a short ten minute walk from the parking lot!

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