This New Vancouver Shoe Store Has A Gorgeous Plant Wall Inside And It's Instagrammable AF

Filters at the ready!

Vancouver, dare I say it, we've found the next most photogenic, aesthetic and Instagrammable green location in the city. Been to Buddhafull at the Northwoods Village? Had your drinks and an appetizer at the Botanist? Excellent. Time for the next best place on the list.

Native Footwear recently opened their first brick-and-mortar location just before the new year. The Vancouver-based company specializes in footwear that's both stylish and functional, light as a feather, and refrains from using any animal-sourced materials.

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Having first launched in 2009, the company is now growing in popularity and celebrating their new location in Gastown at 14 Water Street. What makes the store worth visiting? A clean, open-space concept that executes minimalism with ease. Oh - and a beautiful accent wall made of foraged moss from British Columbia. Emblazoned with their mantra to "Keep it Lite" in bright neon, it's the perfect place to snap your next candid pic.

Between the beautiful wall, a great location, and shoes that border ridiculously light, it'll definitely be must-visit for the coming months. And hey, maybe you'll just walk out a fan.

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