Do you call yourself the king or queen of spicy? Well, it's time to put your money where you're mouth is, well actually... the spice where your mouth is and take on this new spicy noodle challenge.

Ramen Koika in downtown Vancouver is hosting its "Hell of Fire Soba" challenge starting today (January 12) where they'll be serving the "spiciest soba on earth". The challenge is to finish the entire bowl in under 10 minutes. If you can finish every last drop within the time frame, not only will they give the ramen to you for free, but they'll also award you with a free voucher for any ramen on your next visit.

If you tap out before finishing the bowl, then it with cost $10. But I mean, at least you tried right?

If you think you've got the greatest balls of fire, then all you have to do is visit their restaurant and let your server know that you're ready for the challenge. No reservations required.

Ramen Koika is located at 1231 Davie St. Open Monday to Friday 11:30AM to 10PM, Saturday 12PM to 10:30PM, and Sunday until 10PM.

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