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This Stunning Waterfall And Swimming Hole In BC Is The Ultimate Summer Hangout Spot

With stunning views of the lake below!

The best part of summer is spending time outside soaking up the sun and cooling off in refreshing crisp water.

Vancouver Island has some of the most beautiful spots to explore, and this waterfall swimming hole is no exception. It truly is a hidden gem and an oasis that offers both crystal clear water to swim around in and an amazing view of the lake below. 

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Lower Myra Falls is a scenic waterfall with a large swimming hole that has become popular amongst locals to spend the day during the summer.

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Located in Strathcona, the trail to Myra Falls begins just before the mine site in the Provincial Park - it is well marked so don't worry!

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The trail itself is a steep downhill hike, but it isn't very long (the entire trail is 1.2km) so it is considered relatively easy. You will travel through some nice old trees and then you will reach the rocks. 

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While the Upper Falls are stunning, the real attraction here is the Lower Falls - which have several terraces of limestone rocks and turquoise pools. The lower pools overlook Buttle Lake, and offer amazing views!

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Make sure to take a weekend trip to Vancouver Island this summer to enjoy the beauty that is Myra Falls! If you are planning on paying a visit, be sure to leave the place as you found it - please don't leave any trash behind, so everyone can continue to enjoy the natural beauty of Myra Falls.

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