If you love to do the opposite of what TLC sings and go chasing waterfalls, we've found a B.C. beauty that is a must-add to your bucket list. 

Oh you thought Niagara Falls was tall? Wait till you see this wonder — it's around three times the height of Niagara Falls. Helmecken Falls is the fourth tallest waterfall in all of Canada. 

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Standing at 141 m (463 ft) tall, you can experience the power of the falls up and personal through an 8 km hike. If you're not one from hiking or just want to see the falls in it's entirety, there's a public viewing platform that you can easily drive and park by.

Located around a five hour drive away at Wells Gray Provincial Park, this falls is a hidden gem. And Helmcken Falls isn't even the only awe-inducing waterfall at Wells Gray Provincial Park.

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In it's 1.3 million acres of PNW wilderness, the provincial park boasts an impressive number of 39 named waterfalls. Wells Gray is open all year-round, so you can experience it's beauty in every season.

There are so many outdoor activities to choose from — you can chase waterfalls, explore mineral springs and glaciers, hike, kayak, go backcountry camping and more. There is also a lake that is picture perfect: Murtle Lake, where you can go take a dip, go for a kayak or canoe paddle, or just kick back. 

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Do you ever need a reason to go adventuring? The outdoors (and Helmcken Falls) is calling your name. 

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