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Vancouver Is Holding It's Own "Cat"-urday And It's Purrrrfect!

It's truly the cat's meow.

What are all you cat lovers doing this weekend? Have you made sure your cat has had its weekly exercise? Or maybe you don't have a cat but are a feline fanatic and would love nothing more than to be surrounded by the adorable creatures for a purr-fect afternoon. Well, we have just the thing for you. 

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Vancouver is having its own first "Cat"-urday on August 5th at the Queen Elizabeth Park! It's hosted by a group called "First Caturday," and they're trying to bring awareness and care to cat owners everywhere.

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By promoting a friendly, outdoor environment for feline friends, they create a safe place for your cat to experience the outdoors. A lot of cats do enjoy walks - whether it be on a leash, through a stroller or through a carrier. Familiarizing them with the outdoors also makes leaving the house a safer, happier process. 

This isn't Vancouver's first Caturday either! They hosted one in early June, and it was claw-some! They've also held events in Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Boston, and Montreal, and they're only continuing to blow up! 

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The meet-up will take place specifically near the Cherry Blossoms (on Cambie and 33rd). It takes place from 1:30-4:30 PM, and it's open to all ages and cats! Even those who don't own felines are welcome to join. And as if you needed any more purr-suasion, it's absolutely free! 

For more information, you can check out the facebook event here

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