You work hard, hustle hard, and play even harder - and that's why mega-sized margaritas exist in Vancouver.

We don't care that it's nearly the end of February and it's still snowing outside, if someone's offering you a margarita the size of you're head, you're going to take it. Because with just one sip, the next thing you know these supersized drinks are going to pull you right out of Vancouver and transport you to the middle of summer in Cancun.

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At La Casita in Gastown, they don't play with their margaritas. They're taking the refreshing drink to a whole other level and bringing you massive margaritas that will get you drunk off the floor before you can say happy hou...

The spot is not only known for their incredibly gigantic Super Margaritas, but as well as their eclectic, casual, kinda weird decor. It makes for a great spot when you're totally over the work day and just need to finish the night off with a drink... or three. 

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La Casita's Super Margaritas cost $21 and are technically meant to serve 3 people, though I'm sure you could get away with drinking the whole thing yourself too. But make sure you grab some tacos and nachos to wash down your drink with. With that size of a margarita, you're going to need it.

La Casita is located at 101 W Cordova St. Open Monday to Thursday 11:30 AM to 11 PM, Friday and Saturday until 2 AM, and Sunday 12 PM to 11PM.

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