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You Can Now Get Glow-In-The-Dark Bubble Tea Year Round In Vancouver

Your drinks just got a whole lot brighter.

Remember visiting the Richmond Night Market? Can we agree that it was the biggest highlights of the summer? It was great wasn't it? Warm summer air, a bustling and exciting vibe from all the visitors. Vendors carrying everything you could possibly imagine; and the amazing smell of fifty different foods cooking at once. Let's get real here, the food was probably the biggest reason you went. 

How about the glow-in-the-dark bubble tea? The neon virgin cocktails and drinks that emitted smoke? Come on, it was essentially everyone's way of saying "we went to the Night Market". The drinks litter just about everyone's Instagram feeds all summer long and we can't blame them because it's one of the most aesthetic and creative ways to enjoy bubble tea.

Now, for anyone wishing this wasn't just a summer treat, we've got great news. You can enjoy these delectable and aesthetic drinks all year round! 

Enter Sencha Tea Lounge, a newly opened cafe and lounge on West Broadway. The cool and brilliantly coloured joint is now your year-round host of your favourite Richmond Night Market drinks. That includes the brightly lit bubble tea, your smoking and neon-bright mocktails - and they do alcoholic drinks too. 

Between tea cocktails, snacks, and... is that a glow-in-the-dark bulldog? They're packing a lot in terms of drinks and pairing them with a strong selection of snacks to boot. 

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Want to get in on the action? You can find them on 3468 West Broadway in Kitsilano. They're celebrating January with a happy hour special on drinks: BOGO 50% off. We'd recommend trying their Heineken Green Tea. A mix of passionfruit green tea and the famous beer: a combination so crazy, that for them to offer it, it must work!

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