If you're planning on taking advantage of the upcoming summer months by going on as many road trips as possible - why not add these spots to your list? Not only can you enjoy the beautiful serene lakes and surrounding scenery, but you'll get in a great workout too if you decide to paddle board!

The best thing is, stand-up paddle boarding can totally be done by beginners or those who have never done it in their life, and it is super easy to learn.

We've compiled a list of the best lakes in British Columbia that you can stand-up paddle board on, and they all offer amazing scenic views that are amazing during the summer!

Via Whistler SUP Tours

Joffre Lakes // Pemberton

Joffre Lakes is one of the most popular lakes to visit for its scenery and hikes, but did you know that you can rent stand-up paddle boards and enjoy the lake from a different perspective? This spot is famous for its turquoise blue waters on a sunny day, and it is absolutely beautiful during the summer months.

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Deep Cove // North Vancouver

This is one of the most popular spots in Vancouver to do stand-up paddle boarding, due to its close proximity to the city area. It is also extremely easy to rent paddle boards from around the area (try Deep Cove Kayak), and they also offer lessons for those who have never paddle boarded before!

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Johnson Lake // Barriere

Johnson Lake is absolutely stunning, with its crystal clear waters - you will feel like you aren't even in Canada! It is quite possibly one of the most beautiful lakes in British Columbia - you need to check it out if you love to stand-up paddle board!

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Upper Arrow Lake // Kootenay

This area is very serene and not as well known to the public, so if you want privacy and peaceful waters, head here! The water is refreshing and revitalising, perfect for the summer months!

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Kalamalka Lake // Vernon

This spot is super popular for stand-up paddle boarders, and even holds a stand-up paddle boarding festival during the summer! It is also very easy to rent paddle boards from the area, so there is no need to have your own.

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Emerald Lake // Yoho National Park

Yoho National Park frequently tops the lists of most beautiful places in British Columbia, and Emerald Lake is the crowning glory with its beautiful waters. What better way to enjoy the water and the scenery than on a stand-up paddle board?

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Boya Lake // Stewart

Boya Lake has absolutely superb water clarity and colour, making it one of the most beautiful lakes we have ever seen. It also is one of the few lakes in the north that has water warm enough for swimming, so don't worry about falling in!

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Alice Lake // Squamish

Squamish is the perfect day trip, especially if you don't want to venture too far from Vancouver. The area is filled with beautiful lakes that you can stand-up paddle board on, however our pick is Alice Lake, with its serene waters and beautiful surrounding forestry!

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Alta Lake // Whistler

Alta Lake is the largest lake in Whistler, and is perfect for stand-up paddle boarding. You can enjoy the surrounding scenery whilst paddle boarding, and then after you can chill out on any of their three beaches! Who says Whistler is only good for the winter months?

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White Rock // Metro Vancouver

White Rock is known for its water sports and activities, being a seaside town. It is also in close proximity to Vancouver, so if a day trip is something you are after, be sure to check it out! It is also very easy to rent stand-up paddle boards in this area.

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