The party lifestyle is not for everyone. But if you're anything like me and you think no day is complete without some loud music and a few too many drinks, this list was made for you. If you're plagued with a bad case of wanderlust, even better!

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Grab your best buds and your entire life savings and head off to some of these amazing destinations to party your little butt off. I would give you a little spiel about being careful, travelling with people you trust and watching your drink. But let's be honest you're probably already not listening.

You're young and hot! Act like it! If there is a time to make some terrible mistakes, it's now or never.

1. New Orleans // Louisiana

Known for one of the biggest carnivals in the world - Mardi Gras. But also just known for the forever packed and popular Bourbon street. Rumour has it they barely check ID's and you can walk in and out of clubs for no cover and carrying drinks as you please.

2. Bali // Indonesia

When you think of Bali, beautiful beaches, surfing, meditation and yoga may come to your mind. However Bali is actually known for its many night clubs, beach raves, and most importantly - super cheap drinks.

3. Marbella // Spain

Home of the famous Ocean club resort known for its wild champagne spray parties. There are many other restaurants, bars and night clubs to satisfy all your party needs throughout the city.

4. Miami // Florida

A place a little closer to home if you're looking for a great party. With countless beach parties, clubs, music festivals and beautiful people - Miami will be a definitely won't forget... depending on how much you drink, of course!

5. Munich // Germany

If you love beer...Munich, Germany is the place party. Oktoberfest is a great opportunity to party, drink some great beer and eat authentic German food with millions of people from all over the world.

6. Montreal // Quebec

With 18 being the drinking age and a very "laissez-fair" attitude makes Montreal a city that is always full of life. With so many clubs in a concentrated area along St. Catherines and Crescent there is always a party to go to. Make sure to check out a strip club while you're there.

7. Mykonos // Grece

This tiny Greek island will show you one of the best parties you've ever had. With celebrations that start on the beach in the early afternoon and don't die down until the next day - test yourself and see if you can keep up.

8. Pag // Croatia

Pag, Croatia is known around the world for it's wild and long lasting pool parties. This is a great option to get a tan, take in some beautiful scenery and get wasted while dancing your face off next to a beautiful pool. There are also a few boat parties you can catch.

9. Reykjavik // Iceland

This Iceland location is most know for it's Secret Solstice Festival where you can party non stop to famous musicians in three days of sun. But it's a popular party destination throughout the year known for its tradition of "runtur" which is basically club and bar hopping throughout the night.

10. Las Vegas // Nevada

A definite party vacation if you're over 21 and maybe want to hit a more affordable destination. Las Vegas is easily accessible thanks to cheap flights. Vegas is full of pool bars, night clubs, and casinos. It is a must visit for all you party animals out there. Make sure to keep and eye out for celebrities.

11. Rio De Janeiro // Brazil

Home to the world famous Rio Carnival, Rio De Janeiro is a beautiful city with legendary parties. While you're over there make sure to take a break and go on some hikes and lounge by the beaches.

12. Tokyo // Japan

Brush up on you Japanese and head to Tokyo for the party time of your life. Head to one of the many futuristic style clubs packed with people, neon lights, and electro-type music for a unique experience.

13. Copenhagen // Denmark

This Denmark city is home to many bars and clubs including a Morning Bar that goes until 9am which makes it the ultimate after hours spot. In June there is also a five day rave that takes place in the streets of the city.

14. Tel Aviv // Israel

Probably the most surprising location on this list is Tel Aviv, Israel. The city is nicknamed "The Big Orange" inspired by the popular name for the New York "The Big Apple". It's a city that also never sleeps and there is always something to see.

15. Goa // India

This India location is the hub for EDM nightlife. Known for crazy EDM parties that can last for days on the street, some of the best EDM DJ's in the world and some of the largest silent disco parties ever thrown.

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