20 Super Cheap Places In British Columbia You Can Rent This Winter

Ski-in, ski-out cottages? Yes please!

Winter break is so close and who's ready for a getaway? Summer feels like forever ago but bring some vacation vibes to your life and go on a beautiful B.C. getaway. How cozy does warming up by a bonfire sound though??? And who wouldn't want a picturesque cottage that you can ski-in and ski-out of directly from the mountain resorts?

B.C.'s Airbnb and VRBO game is seriously strong. From waterfront properties, ski-in ski-out cottages, wood cabins and more, this article has it all. So round up your crew, grab some brews and get ready to enjoy a weekend of rowdiness or rest and relaxation depending on your needs.

Check out these incredible Airbnbs and VRBOs that you can rent out for $25, $50, $75 or $100 per person a night, dependant on your budget!

Note: Pricing listed below do not include additional fees for extra guests, cleaning, etc. These prices may fluctuate depending on demand and season and may not reflect the exact price at the time of booking.

What price are you looking for?

$25-$50 A Night Per Person

$50-$75 A Night Per Person

$75-$100 A Night Per Person

$100-$125 A Night Per Person

For $25-$50 A Night Per Person, click "Next".

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