8 Most Underrated Places To Explore In BC

"Bro, bro, do you even #ExploreBC?"

Spring is here, your allergies to your day job are acting up, and the only prescription is a weekend trip away from the city!

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You don't need to break the bank to get away for a few days. We have a habit in Vancouver of postponing our getaway trips because we always fantasize about far out lands. Let's face it, a plane ticket to New York or Hawaii is expensive. So what's the point if you only have 3 or 4 days to be there?

A spring getaway trip doesn't have to be far. This is BC! There's so much to do! So much to see! So why waste the opportunity that a long weekend or an extra "sick day" presents. Go explore BC!

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1. Denman Island

Northern Gulf Islands

Denman Island is a beautiful, secluded island only a 10 minute ferry ride from Vancouver Island (Buckley Bay). From low impact hiking and reflective nature walks through the forest, to calming strolls along the coast to Chrome Island Lighthouse, Denman Island is exactly what you need if you're feeling overwhelmed by the city.

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2. Nelson

West Arm of Kootenay Lake

Nelson is the place outdoor sports enthusiasts dream of! Whether you want to go camping, mountain biking, golfing, fishing, or even bird watching, they've got you covered here. Alternatively, if you just want to relax, eat and drink your weekend away, Nelson has more restaurants per capita than San Francisco which guarantees you'll find something you like. This town has built a reputation of having a little bit of everything, while still maintaining that small town, neighbourly feel.

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3. Terrace

Skeena River

Want to really get away, but still be in the province? Try Terrace! It's close enough so you can make it to work on Monday, but it's far and affordable enough to make you want to quit your job on Monday. Home to some of the heaviest snowfalls in the world, the runoff that happens in the spring makes for some world class river rafting and kayaking. If water sports aren't your thing, it also has a beautiful golf course, easily accessible mountains, and breathtaking helicopter tours to make any weekend memorable.

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4. Haida Gwaii

Formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, North Coast

Haida Gwaii, otherwise known as "the islands of the boundary of the world", will legitimately make you feel like you're in another continent. Don't let the location or name scare you away. From the deep enchanted rainforests to the beautiful and crisp alpine meadows, Haida Gwaii is simply stunning. If you love exploring and getting in touch with the awesomeness that is our mother nature, Haida Gwaii is definitely your go to destination.

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5. Oliver

Okanagan Valley

Two words: Wine county. Ever sipped on some Jackson Triggs? Ever wondered where it's from? YUP, its from Oliver. Located at the south edge of the Okanagan Valley with beautiful sprawling vineyards, no wonder it's Canada's wine capital. But I mean, aside from getting day drunk at wine tours, there are also plenty of hiking trails, places to go caving, and breathtaking beaches. Did I also mention there's wine?

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6. Tofino

Clayoquot Sound

Surf central Tofino is Canada's surf town, and with good reason. From the rolling waves at Chesterman Beach to the gorgeous resort and beaches at Cox Bay, Tofino is every Canadian beach bums dream home. Oh and not to mention, Tofino is arguably the most beautiful place in BC, and here are 20 photos to prove it. 

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7. Field

Kicking Horse River Valley

"Excuse me, where?" Field, my friend! It's a super small unincorporated community with just under 200 people, but it's right where Yoho National Park is located! While this may be one of those trips where you'll need to bring a sleeping bag, it's worth it because Yoho National Park is nothing short of freaking AMAZING. From the pristine Emerald Lake to the life-changingly beautiful view of the Rockies, it's no wonder why Yoho is ranked as one of Canada's best National parks.

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8. Sechelt

Sunshine Coast

Sechelt is the ultimate pre-summer, cozy cabin getaway spot to go to in the spring. It's the perfect distance from the city and there are an abundance of chic and cozy Airbnbs in the area (like in this article). Love going to gorgeous lakes? They've got you handled. Kayaking? Of course. Scuba diving? You bet ya. Beers and bonfires on the beach with your S/O or BFF? Why are you still reading? Go buy a ferry ticket!

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