With the end of summer fast approaching, it's time you finally take that trip you have been talking about for months! I know it isn't easy to take time off work for a week or two, which means finding the right vacation, that doesn't take much travel time, is essential.

That's why these 9 places are the perfect spots to plan your next vacation. Without having to leave BC you can find yourself in a surfers paradise, or laying pool side at a sweet resort in the interior.

All of these cities and towns are within a 6 hour drive from Vancouver and offer accommodation for all budgets from hotels, to Airbnbs and camping.

So wether it's a solo venture, or a girls trip, here are 9 amazing places you can visit without leaving BC:

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Tofino // 5 hours, 30 min

The ultimate surfers paradise. If you have always wanted to surf, this is the best place in Canada to make that happened. If surfing isn't your thing, there are many beautiful beaches where you can swim, tan and enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Camping is a great option in Tofino and there are many amazing beachfront cabin resorts in the area for a more luxurious visit to the island.

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Summerland // 3 hours, 30 min

Nestled on the west side of Okanagan Lake in BC's beautiful interior, Summerland is a perfect place to vacation in BC in the summer. Surrounded by water and nature, there isn't a big city for hours. Discover spectacular beaches and parks, beautiful mountains to hike through and amazing orchards and vineyards to spend the day in. Plus, with a name like Summerland you'll feel like your living in a fairytale for the summer.

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Victoria // 3 hours, 15 min

Vancouver Island is a beautiful place to vacation in the summer! The city is quiet in the summer, since most of students from UVIC leave during their time off.  Just a short ferry ride away from Vancouver, you'll feel like you went back in time with all the old architecture in Victorias Downtown. Snap a pic in front of the Parliament building for your Insta!

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Gibsons //  2 hours

With a population of 4,200, small town vibes and island life are as real as it get in Gibsons. The first town you'll hit when you get off the ferry from Horseshoe Bay. Grab some drinks at the Persephone Brewery and enjoy the sunshine anywhere on their amazing property. Plan a hike and do some exploring around the area, you won't be disappointed.

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Harrison Hot Springs // 1 hour, 30 min

Harrison has some amazing weather in the summer. Getting up to the high 20s and low 30s on a regular basis, the beach is a great place to hang out in the sun! Its also home to Harrison Water Sports!! If you haven't heard of this place before you need to go there! Probably some of the most fun you can have with your friends in the summer. They only book parties of 15 or more so go with your friends and get the whole place to yourself. They even offer sea-do rentals!

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Whistler // 1 hour, 45min

A local favourite for a weekend away from the city. Spend the day relaxing at the Scandinave Spa then find yourself shopping in the village followed by a romantic seafood dinner by candlelight at Araxi. Whistler has some amazing condo rentals and hotels are a plenty in the village. Spend your days hiking and your nights partying with the locals!

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Hot Springs Cove // 6 hours

Another great spot for a relaxing vacation on the island that makes you forget about the city. The natural hot springs are a dream and a must-see for any Vancouverite. Located just north of Tofino, you can spend your day surfing and your night stargazing, the sky will light up like you have never seen it before!

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Osoyoos // 4 hours, 20 min

If you consider yourself a bit of a wino, or are just really into the idea of going on a wine tasting tour, Osoyoos is the place for you. There are dozens of wineries in the area and you can book a guided tour or plan your own journey through some of the most amazing vineyards in Canada.

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Kelowna // 3 hours, 15 min

The Okanagan is a great place to Vacation in the summer. The lake is a great place to spend your days and leave your worries of work or school behind. A bus ticket out to Kelowna can cost as little as $40 and splitting a hotel with a couple friends always make things cheaper. If you drive, check out some of the amazing camping spots in the area!

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