In the summer, we all want to be on the water as much as possible. The shining sun high in the sky, the water smooth as glass, the gentle roar of a boat engine, as you fly across the bay whilst tubers hang on for dear life as they flail about behind the boat. Or maybe you are more of sailor, and your idea of boating is a windy sunset as you sip on local wine amongst friends, reveling in the stunning beauty of BC's coastline. No matter your preference, when it comes to enjoying a day on the water, BC has many splendid places sure to satisfy your boating needs.

No matter where you are in the province, there is always a lake or stretch of coastline deemed a world class boating playground nearby. Few places in the world offer such a diversity of boating locales, from the salty sea to some of freshest lakes on the planet.

Take advantage of the warm weather while it lasts and check out the best boating destinations in BC, and in all seriousness, the entire world:

1. Desolation Sound

One of the more popular ocean boating spots in BC because of its many shallow inlets and coves surrounding the islands of Cortes, Quadra and Sonora. Being that the water is shallow, its temperature is much warmer than in other areas around BC. The town of Comox on Vancouver Island is a frequented port where sail and powerboats can be chartered.

2. Atlin Lake

This may be the prettiest lake in BC that allows boating. The mountain backdrop is like no other place in the world when it comes to boating. It is the largest lake in the province, located in Atlin Provincial Park. You need to apply for a permit before boating on this wondrous lake.

3. Harrison Lake

On a hot summer day, you need not travel too far from Vancouver to experience boating at its best. The lake has many excellent areas to play on the water and also has some good fishing. As an added bonus, you can cruise on down to Harrison Hot Springs for a curative natural soak.

4. Shuswap Lake

Known as the houseboat headquarters of Canada. Take in the remarkable scenery as you cruise slowly along the lake's 100s of kilometers of expanse. A houseboat is like private little hotel, except your balcony is more than just a view, but your own little swimming haven no matter where you are. Other forms of boating are also common on the lake.

5. Okanagan Lake

With several large cities lining the the lake's coasts, it is no surprise that boating is so fabulous here. The lake is gorgeous, there are an abundance of marinas and in the summer, the weather here is some of nicest to be found in BC.

6. Gulf Islands

This archipelago is BC's very own island paradise destination. Island hopping is a way of life in these parts which means a boat is more a necessity than anything else. There are endless boating activities in the area, several astounding seaside restaurants, and even many world-class scuba diving sites.

7. Lake Cowichan

On Vancouver Island, this is a recreational boating hotspot. The lake is often very protected, making it great for water skiing and wake boarding. Lush forest surrounds most of the lake only adding to its charm and popularity.

8. Kootenay Lake

Another stellar lake in eastern BC. The lake is made very accessible for boating. Along with all the awesome water sports, fishing is quite prevalent in these waters. In fact, the largest rainbow trout ever recorded in the entire world was caught in this lake.

Photo cred - @coastalrealm

9. Sunshine Coast

If you want to sail some of the prettiest waters in BC, where the sun beats strong and the wind blows steady, this is the place for you. Whether you're voyaging further north to Desolation Sound or staying within the proximity of the bustling port of Gibsons, this coastline has a little bit of everything. All boaters will enjoy a diversity of marine life, awe-inspiring views, and angelic waters.

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