Abbotsford. Or as I call it, the Saskatchewan of BC. You’ve ended up in this part of town and you’re thinking to yourself, “now what?” That’s fair. Look, Abbotsford isn’t my first choice either. You’ve got long grassy plains for miles, your idea of fun is counting wheat barrels, and the smell of cow will stay up your nose all. damn. day.

It doesn’t help that you’re doing a sober month either. I get it, we all need to take a break from drinking. With the summer swiftly approaching we all know that can only mean one thing: patio season is upon us. And let’s be real, no one is going dry when pitchers of sangria are going to be available for $15.

It’s always easier to maintain a sober month with a support system, so grab bae and make it into something you can do together! From horseback riding into the sunset to go-carting all night long, this list proves that you don’t need brews to have fun. Where you might have once thought that there is nothing to do out here but drink, Abbotsford proves it may be the best place to stay sober with all the different fun activities they offer!

April is by far the best month to go dry and believe me, Abbotsford is so much more than just dive bars and barn parties. You’ve already exhausted all the things to do in Vancouver so why not branch out and try something new? You’re always talking about wanting to explore BC (or at least your hashtags do) so why not prove you’re not all talk.

All you need to do now is gas up, pack the car with snacks, queue up that road mix you’ve been listening to on repeat, and drive out on that sweet highway to a place you rarely go. I promise the adventure will be worth it and that this town is more than meets the eye.

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9. Fraserglen Golf Course // 36036 S Parallel Rd

It's a myth that you need to toss back a few brews to enjoy the driving range. Let the sun and swing be your buzz at the Fraserglen Golf Course.

You don't have to be Tiger Woods to go to the range, and the best part is no walking and no holding up the people behind you. It's just you, your partner, the sunshine, and a good swing. Makes for a better trip if you're fed up with work, school, or life in general and you just need to bust out some aggression.

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8. Glen Valley Stables // 1255 208 St

Trust me, you don't want to be drunk for this. You and your s/o can get the workout you need on saddleback while having fun pretending you're in the wild, wild west. What's better than trotting through trails or galloping past the lake? Nothing! Plus, you get to wear your riding boots, floppy hat, and jean jacket. The equestrian look is still so on point. Saddle up with one of these beauties. I can't think of a better way to explore nature than on the back of a horse.

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7. Abbottsford Tulip Festival // 36737 North Parallel Road

Quite possibly the best thing to be doing in Abbotsford this April/May. You can wander through the tulip fields hand in hand while your Instagram Husband boyfriend snaps endless photographs of you in the field.

The trick is to go on a weekday. You're guaranteed to have less people there and the tickets are only $8 as opposed to $15! The tulip festival is a can't miss event and you'll be so drunk off the aesthetic that you can leave your chardonnay behind.

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6. Chadsey Lake

Sober usually means staying active and what's more active than taking a hike up one of the most scenic trails in Abbotsford? You may be thinking, what's so special about a hike? But you're also the person who probably spends most of their time at Quarry Rock or The Chief (if not somewhere else in Squamish) amiright?

Ditch the tourist saturated mountains and check out Chadsey Lake for some local hiking action.

5. Compass Heli Tours // 29325 Marsh McCormick Rd

A helicopter tour already sounds pretty wicked but Compass Heli Tours takes your average trip on a helicopter and blows it out of the water. With their mantra being, "let us show your British Columbia the way it was meant to be experienced" Compass Heli doesn't disappoint.They specialize in the backcountry tours of BC from wilderness spa experiences to exploring glacier ice caves.

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4. X-Motor Rentals // 102-19770 94a Ave

You're in the country now, y'all! Every adrenaline junkie needs to get their hands on an ATV at least once in their life. X-Motor Rental lets you explore trails through dirt and snow with their 4-wheel drive beasts.

Land isn't your thing? Try renting their Jetskis. You can bae can explore the wilderness like never before!

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3. Cultus Lake Water Park // 4150 Columbia Valley HWY

Cultus Lake Water Park is arguably why you go to Abbotsford. It is BC's biggest waterpark with over 15 slides and attractions! The best part is you can make it a day trip or overnight it at the Cultus Lake campsite not far from the park!

$30 will get you a day pass so you can drop down a steep waterslide with your favourite person and let the adrenaline carry you through the day.

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2. The Reach Gallery // 32388 Veterans Way

The Reach Gallery in Abbotsford is a can't miss. I know what you're thinking. Museums are a wine affair, but ditch the fermented grape juice and instead check out incredible art from all across Canada.

With exhibitions happening all the time, you can plan your visit based on your interests, length of time you want to stay, and where you'll get lunch afterward. Food and drinks are not permitted in the gallery.

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1. Vancouver Skydiving // 5112 Gladwin Road

The absolute last thing you want to do drunk and the first thing that will give your mother a heart attack, but look how much fun it looks!! Much like the heli tours, this is a perfect activity for the plain fields of Abbotsford.

Take a leap of faith with bae and jump out of a plane with Vancouver Skydiving. Next up, bridge jumping!

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