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You Can Now Fly From Vancouver To Hong Kong Round Trip For Only $531

Drop everything.

I know it's only been two weeks since the winter break - I don't know about you, but I'm definitely already planning my next getaway vacation. Preferably to somewhere that isn't, well... rainy.

If you're on the hunt for cheap airfare to a fun place to visit, look no further than tickets to Hong Kong through With airlines like China Eastern, Air China, and Air Canada lowering their prices significantly this year, tickets from Vancouver (YVR) to Hong Kong (HKG) roundtrip will only start at $530 - approximately half of the standard airfare.

Either travel between now and February, or April and May to score the lowest prices on flights. Here are some of the lowest fares:

Via Skyscanner

Via Skyscanner

All you need to do is simply hop on over to and plug in your departing and arrival city, choose the cheapest month and pick your dates!

If you're looking to experience the most authentic dim sum, incredible nightlife, and street good scene beyond anything you've ever seen in Vancouver, then it's time to drop everything and book your tickets now.

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