Honestly, it's always great to look back at 2017 at this time of the year and reflect on all the things that went down.

It kind of feels like SO much happened this year that it's a little difficult to know where to start, or what to even look back on. Although Kylie Jenner called 2016 the year of realizing stuff, 2017 was truly a year of profound realizations.

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And although a lot of things happened in general, the celebrity/music world was full of moments that had the world SHOOK. Sure, you could argue that music world drama doesn't actually count.

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But guess what? There are lessons to be learned in everything - especially in the music world. In fact, these music celeb moments of 2017 taught us a whole lot of super valuable lessons... and honestly, these are things that can totally be carried into the next year, to help us all with our 2018 goals.

When Taylor Swift Revealed Her New Single, LWYMMD

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The ultimate instance of a true queen coming back for her throne, "Look What You Made Me Do" is much more than a catchy tune. TSwift basically acknowledges her own downfalls with this song, but not without letting the people who did her wrong get theirs, too.

This single shows we should all be a little more like Taylor - ASAP. Acknowledging our wrongs, but still kicking ass and taking names.

When Fifth Harmony Officially Became Fourth Harmony ... Kind Of

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We all saw that moment in the VMAs when Fifth Harmony officially launched ex-band member Camila Cabello right off the stage. Was it petty? A little. But mostly it served to send us one loud and clear message: Camila Cabello is off living her own life, and so is Fifth Harmony. And honestly, independence is something we can all get behind in 2018!

In fact, both Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony have had quite the year, with both acts topping charts across the continent. Listen live to Camila Cabello's most popular single yet: Havana! And check out Spotify's Top Female Artists of 2017 for a taste of what both Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony gave the music world this year.

When Cardi B Nabbed The Top Spot On The Hot 100

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For her explosively catchy and fierce single, "Bodak Yellow", Cardi B SNAGGED the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100. That's a huge success in and of itself - but it gets better.

Cardi B is actually the very first solo female rapper to nab the top spot since Lauryn Hill in 1998. That's almost an entire decade without women rappers coming for the top spot, and if you can take away anything from this, it's that the future is totally female.

When Kanye West Left Tidal

The long and short of it is that earlier in 2017, there was a spot of drama between Kanye West and his ex-bro's streaming music site, Tidal, over money. And as a result, Kanye did the thing no one ever thought he would do: he straight-up left Tidal.

Which is fundamentally a pretty cool move. In 2018, I think we all need to stand up for ourselves. If we're not getting paid, if we're not getting what we want or what is fair to us, then it's up to us to take a stand. Thanks for the lesson, Kanye... but truthfully, Kanye's been trying to teach us this since 04:

When Jelena Finally Rose From The Ashes Like The Mighty Phoenix It Is

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Sometimes, good things fall apart so better things can fall together. And the epic love story that is Jelena (AKA Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez) is one prime example of that very key lesson. Their on and off again relationship seemingly ended forever when Selena Gomez got into a relationship with The Weeknd; and when SelKnd (?) sadly fell apart... well, Jelena rose from the rubble. Better and stronger than ever.

In celebration, here's JBieb's song "Friends", allegedly aimed at Selena before they got back together. It's an important reminder that sometimes, all you need is a little patience.

When Rihanna BLESSED THE WORLD With Fenty Beauty

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We all know and love Rihanna as the trendy hitmaker that she truly is. But in 2017, Rihanna taught us it's okay to be "Selfish" and that the world's perception of you should absolutely not stop you from pursuing what you really want to do in life... something we should all apply in 2018.

With the success of her breakthrough makeup line, Fenty Beauty, formulated to include a HUGE range of skin tones, Rihanna proved to the world that she was much more than just one thing. Here she is rapping on N.E.R.D.'s track Lemon, also proving that "singer" isn't the only way she can be defined:

When Eminem Went IN On Donald Trump

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While we're not taking a political stance here, one key thing can be taken away from Eminem's "The Storm," the freestyle Donald Trump diss that SHOOK the BET Awards in 2017.

Other than "don't piss off Eminem", the main message here is stick up for your beliefs. Be genuine  - and find a healthy way to blow off some steam. You'll probably feel better for it.

When Lady Gaga Graced Us All With Gaga: Five Foot Two

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WHERE to even begin with this documentary? In Gaga: Five Foot Two, available on Netflix, the world learned a lot of things about our beloved Lady Gaga, including her debilitating struggle with fibromyalgia and the end of her relationship with Taylor Kinney.

Basically, it let us in on one huge secret. Gaga is human, just like the rest of us; and if we can maybe learn to judge less and accept more in 2018, then it'll be a good year. And Gaga's "One Million Reasons", about having to make a heartbreaking decision, is the perfect track to remind us all of that fact.

When Britney Spears Became An Official "Artist"

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If this doesn't inspire you to pull yourself out of your rut and go for your dreams, nothing will. Britney Spears has been on an incredible life journey, from mastering fame at a young age, to a breakdown, a conservatorship, multiple divorces... the list goes on.

But, proving how truly unbreakable BritBrit is, she has risen from these problems stronger each and every single time. Nowadays, she's still making hit music AND even had a successful Vegas residency (slay, Brit!); but mainly, she's chilling, raising her family and doing all the things that make her truly happy. Like painting, apparently. One of her flower portraits even got sold for $10,000 at a recent charity auction!

Here's Britney Spears' "Hit Me Baby One More Time" just so we can all truly sit back and appreciate how far this hitmaker has truly come, in her career and in her life.

Kendrick Lamar Proved He Didn’t Have To Be Humble Thanks To DAMN.

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In 2017, Kendrick Lamar released DAMN., which, let’s be real here, is as groundbreaking an album as they come.

The album itself contains some seriously concise beats and really showcases Kendrick Lamar’s writing skills; and the album has got the accolades to prove it. For example, it won the BET Hip Hop Awards’ Album of the Year in 2017 and is nominated for a Grammy in 2018 - not to mention the fact that it topped charts throughout the world, and even got a score of 95/100 on Metacritic.

It’s singles such as HUMBLE., which is Kendrick Lamar’s first #1 single as a lead artist on the Billboard Hot 100, that really drive home what an awesome album it is. A catchy beat and an awesome message? What could be better!

When Kesha Rose Up From Her Struggles And Released Rainbow

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Oh Kesha, you beautiful unicorn. After highly publicized strifes with her former producer Dr. Luke, basically everyone rallied together to #FreeKesha. And although the fate of her music seemed dicey, she shook the music world this year when she released her third studio album, Rainbow.

Her first single off the album, "Praying" is a testament to how far she's come. Not only are we shook, but we are straight-up inspired. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Honestly, it's pretty great how music isn't just something to vibe to and to enjoy. Music - and artists, too - connects the world and can teach us all whole lot about ourselves/about the world.

Plus, it's kind of crazy to look back and think of all the wonderful moments that happened in music in 2017. The year was a year full of groundbreaking musical moments, from Taylor Swift's snaky success all the way down to Kesha's inspirational breakthrough.

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In fact, Spotify has a whole entire hub right now dedicated to the best that music had to offer in this year! A look back at the hottest tunes of 2017, Spotify's 2017 Hub features tons of playlists for you and your friends to reflect on the rollercoaster of emotions that was music this year (including Top Tracks, Top Female and Top Male playlists).

So the next time you're pondering what your goals for the new year should be, look no further than to the world of music. (Because let's be honest, we gotta bring the snake emoji with us into 2018).

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