Okay, straight-up, if for some reason the beautiful, diverse province of Québec is not on your travel bucket-list... well, prepare to have that all change really soon. 

For some reason, tons of people think they know what Québec is all about. It's basically a poutine-infused ski paradise in the winter and fun place to go and drink during the summer, right? Well, no, actually. Québec is SO much more than that

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Québec is a beautiful, unique and HUGE province full of immersive experiences just waiting to be discovered - like whale watching and kayaking in the St. Lawrence river, enjoying music and film festivals in cities around the province like Montréal, ziplining through forests like Mont-Tremblant, and a whole lot more. And considering how close it is to Ontario, discovering something new is literally just a hop away.

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To prove just how breathtaking Québec truly is, Québec invited five travel influencers - including The Blonde Abroad (Kiersten Rich), Alan Estrada, Jess Dales, Benjamin Prescott and chef Jean Imbert - to turn off their phones, unplug, let go of their plans, fears, rules and expectations... and just adventure through the province. 

And adventure they do! The video features the travellers immersing themselves fully in what Québec has to offer by sailing through the St. Lawrence, flying seaplanes, cruising through one of Québec's vibrant cities... basically, by letting go and letting in all the beauty of Québec! The result is seriously inspiring: 

This video makes it pretty clear that Québec is full of things like festivals, forests, retreats, wildlife, crystal clear waters, late-night camping, cultural discoveries, islands and a whole lot more - literally begging to be explored.

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Honestly, it's super clear that visiting Québec is much more than a trip. It's an experience, and there's so much just waiting to be discovered! 

For more information on how you can plan your very own Québec adventure, check out QuébecOriginal's official website, Instagram and Facebook pages!

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