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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Everyone On Your List: Naughty, Wild And Nice

Knock them off your list one by one.

Well, we made it. 2017 is almost up, but before we usher in 2018 with open arms we have to get through... the holidays.

Love them or hate them, the holidays are coming up - and fast. On the plus side, that means eggnog, Christmas lights and the general, festive feeling of goodwill at every corner. On the not so plus side, it means having to buy gifts. And, worst case, having to guess which gifts to get everyone on your list.

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But what if we told you that you no longer have to wonder about what that "hard-to-shop-for" person on your list wants? I bet that would make things a lot easier for you! Well, guess what? You no longer have to worry about finding the perfect gift.

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If that person on your list happens to love the outdoors (and let's be real here, everyone loves the outdoors), then we've got your back with this handy gift guide. Whether they're naughty or nice - or even a little on the wild side - these awesome gifts, available at MEC (AKA every nature lover's paradise), will totally put a smile on their face, a twinkle in their eye and a holly jolly in their spirit. (Or something like that).



For that person who loves to indulge...

This "Ice Cream Ball" That Rewards Their Workout With A Sweet Treat

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But seriously, HOW genius is this? The UCO Softshell Ice Cream Ball, available for $39 at MEC, incorporates light exercise and sheer willpower to create a treat we can all love: sweet, sweet ice cream.

Just plop some simple ingredients into this totally food safe, BPA-free plastic ball, shake for 20 minutes and voila. Creamy, icy heaven. Of course, they can incorporate this ball into their exercise routine in a variety of ways, including grabbing a friend and playing catch with it. But the point is: 20 minutes of working out for unlimited yumminess. That's a present we can all get behind.

This Koozie That'll Keep Any Drink Cold, No Matter How Hot They Get

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Yeti's Rambler Colster is a GIFT FROM THE HEAVENS for those who enjoy cold beverages of any and every kind. So for the whole world, basically.

Okay, yes, this is technically a koozie. But it's a long, long way from the insulated foam can holders of yesteryear.

This beauty is made from kitchen grade, heavy-duty, rustproof stainless steel and special technology that keeps whatever can the lucky recipient slips in there locked in place and ice-cold, all the while keeping their hands nice and toasty. You can buy this testament to human innovation at MEC for $35.

Some Chocolate, Because It's The Naughtiest Of All Desserts

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Life is nothing without chocolate, so gifting someone chocolate is really like gifting someone life. Kind of. The point is, no one on this earth has ever not enjoyed the gift of a high-quality bar of chocolate.

And MEC happens to sell some of the highest quality chocolate bars around, like Ritter Sport. Show your naughtier friends that you love and accept their indulgent side with a Ritter Sport chocolate bar or two in a mindblowing flavour (looking at you, Caramelized Almond Chocolate).

This Huge Blanket, A Staple For Cozying Up Under The Stars

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This very special, cozy blanket is the perfect gift for anyone on your list - but people who value comfort above anything else will probably appreciate it just a skosh more, because trust - being a Pendleton blanket, this baby is comfortable!

But other than being super comfy, this blanket is actually really special in that it's a collaboration between Pendleton and MEC to celebrate Canada. Created especially for Canada's 150th, this colourful, quality blanket makes for one seriously sweet gift!



You know that person on your list who seems to go wherever the wind might take them? Well, this one's for them.

This Espresso Machine That Lets Them Drink Legit Coffee Wherever They End Up

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No matter what type of person you're buying for, we can all agree on one thing: coffee is the lifeblood that flows through all of our veins. Coffee is love. Coffee is life.

Which is why this portable espresso maker is one of the most awesome things you can gift your friends who are more on the wild side. AKA, who sometimes end up too far away from a coffee maker than what is humanly acceptable.

Well, no more. The Aeropress Coffee & Espresso Maker weighs less than a hiking boot and is totally portable. Add hot water and coffee and in about a minute, bam. 1-3 cups of coffee, ready to enjoy. Snatch it up at MEC for $44 (which is probably less than your monthly coffee budget, anyway!).

This Lounge Chair, So They Can Chill Out Basically Anywhere

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Sometimes life is a little tiring and people just need to chill. Maybe they're on a beach. Maybe they're in a field. Maybe they're in their own backyard, too tired to make it into the house to their bedroom. The point is, there is no bad time to whip out an inflatable lounge chair and take a little snooze.

So the gift of this Fatboy Lamzac Hangout Chair is something that'll be so, so appreciated by so, so many people. Not only is it insanely comfortable, it's also convenient. To inflate it, all they need to do is collect enough air in the lounge chair. And voila. Instant comfort. Cop the the Fatboy Lamzac Hangout Chair at MEC for $58.

Treat Your Loved One To These Quality Skis, So They Can Glide Into Fun Wherever There's Snow

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Whether your friend is wild or not, skiing is one seriously fun winter sport. There's nothing more thrilling than gliding down the slopes, floating on powder or ripping some groomers.

And if you have a friend who loves to ski, and you really want to splurge on their presents, then you're in luck - because now you have a gift idea too. These G3 Sendr 112 Skis are made from carbon fibre - which makes them incredibly strong, light and durable. They're super sleek and available right now at MEC!

This GPS Watch, So They Can Always Find Their Way Home From Adventuring

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Okay, straight up, this watch is quite possibly the pinnacle of technology. As a society, we cannot advance anymore when it comes to watches. This is it. This is the peak.

The Garmin Fenix 5 smartwatch comes with GPS technology, activity tracking, sleep and heart monitoring, plus the ability to create profiles for running, cycling or swimming - among (a ton of) other features. And yes, it does tell the time. Plus it notifies your friend every time they get a text, no biggie.



Some people are just... well, nice! For those people you know who are always thinking of others, these surprises might just show them that you're thinking of them, too.

This Extra Warm Poncho That's Perfect For Keeping Cozy In Any Conditions

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Ponchos, in general, are super adorable, but it's usually hard to find one that'll keep your friend warm - and also changes into a blanket. Until now, that is.

For the person who always manages to make them feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, the Therm-A-Rest Honcho Poncho will make them feel all warm and fuzzy on the outside. This insulated, water-resistant poncho (with a hood and kangaroo pocket!) is meant to keep them warm no matter what the weather conditions are. You can pick it up at MEC for just under $140.

This Camping Cook Set, So They Can Whip Up A Meal In The Great Outdoors

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Show of hands: who here loves camping? Yep, everybody, that sounds about right. But sadly, not too many people know that they don't have to sacrifice delicious, hot, homemade meals when in the wilderness.

Thanks to this GSI Bugaboo Camper Cookset, your friend's camping diet doesn't have to consist solely of cereal and cold sandwiches. Made from aluminum and BPA-free plastic, this set features a 2L and 3L pot, strainer lids and a frying pan, plus dishes and mugs made from polypropylene, so they can have their (camp) cake and eat it, too!

This Portable Lantern, Letting Their Light Shine Literally Anywhere

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For the person who brightens up your world just a little bit more, this adorable and super portable Black Diamond Moji LED Lantern is the absolute perfect gift.

It even features dimmer switches and a hook, so it can hang from a tent or in the car, for extra convenience. Plus, as an added bonus for yourself, you can go around telling people you gave the gift of light this year. And that is truly priceless. Pick it up at MEC for $39.

This Camping Chair, So They Can Bring Comfort To All Wherever They Go

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Like a best friend that never leaves your side, no matter what your friend is up to in life, this chair will always have their back.

It's super lightweight and portable, able to fit in any backpack or car; plus it's made from the same technology as high-end tents, so you know it's super durable and able to withstand any weather Mother Nature decides to throw at it. Gift for the nicest person in your life? Found!

In fact, it's super easy to find a gift for that hard-to-shop-for outdoor loving person in your life thanks to MEC.

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Basically a paradise for all things active outside, MEC has totally got your back when it comes to picking up a gift for that special person in your life.

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Whether your friend is naughty, nice or a little bit on the wild side, MEC's stores (located across the country) and their online shop will totally have what you're looking for to pull off an awesome Christmas gift this year!

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