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This Magical Winter Fortress In Ontario Looks Like A Fairy Tale Come True

Like something from a snowglobe.

At this stage in the game, basically everyone in the country knows that our winters can be challenging! 

But for all the snowstorms, ice and cold weather that comes along with living in our wonderful country... well, winter can be pretty awesome

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It's the only time when we can enjoy winter sports like ice skating and skiing; literal glitter falling from the sky; the smell of wood burning in the air; excuses to drink hot chocolate with extra marshmallows; and the downright magical feeling that comes with your city turning into a frozen wonderland.

And, sure, maybe it gets darker earlier now. But there are some spots in Ontario that know exactly how to turn that into a wonderful thing.

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Spots just like Kingston's Fort Henry, which is turning into an ethereal winter wonderland this year.

Lumina Borealis, presented by Ontario Power Generation, is a beautiful, mystical winter experience that transforms the drab grey of winter into something actually magical.

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Using lights, projection systems and storytelling, St. Lawrence Parks has transformed Kingston's historic Fort Henry into an interactive, gorgeous winter wonderland that you absolutely need to check out before the snow melts.

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Lumina Borealis is totally family-friendly and fun for everyone, no matter what your age is. Let's be honest: everyone can appreciate a bit of illumination and magic once winter rolls around!

The event itself follows a colourful 1 KM trail within the walls of Fort Henry full of different light shows and installations. 

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For example, the "Iceberg Alley" portion of the trail features large, lighted installations against the Fort's snowy backdrop for a breathtaking, illuminating experience you totally have to experience this winter!

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There are other installations, too, like the journey through "Sleeping Woods" - which is basically a forest of evergreen trees decorated with beautiful glowing lights that actually light up in tune with music. Plus, there are projections on the walls of the Fort that resemble the animals that call Canada home during the winter.

There's even a giant, awe-inspiring installation called "Fireteller", which features 3 fire pits and gorgeous, glowing projections to immerse visitors in an alluring winter display; and a "Singing Aurora" interactive installation, which has visitors sing into microphones to create a colourful symphony of swirls across multiple small screens. 

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The event features a bunch of other installations, as well - all of them make use of light, nature and storytelling for one huge, mythical and breathtaking experience. 

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Basically, you'll be immersed in beautiful lights, projections and interactive activities pretty much at all times. The trail takes about 45 minutes to an hour to complete... which, seriously, an hour in a mythical fort discovering the true wonders of winter? Uh, yes. Please.

Plus, as an added bonus, Kingston is about a two hour drive away from Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. So no matter where you're coming from, hopping in the car and enjoying this once-in-a-winter experience is super easy to do. 

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Lumina Borealis is going down on select nights from December 1, 2017 until February 19, 2018 at Fort Henry in Kingston, Ontario. Tickets go from $12 - $16 and can be purchased right here

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