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Uber Eats Is Finally Available In These 13 Cities Across Canada

The moment we've all been waiting for!

True talk: ordering food is life. After school, work, or a weekend of partying (or just after a night of straight-up doing nothing) there's nothing better than hearing that doorbell ring and getting to feast on a delicious, hot meal, totally hassle-free.

And for those who are in the loop about how awesome getting food delivered truly is, here's something big to sink your teeth into. Starting today, you can order Uber Eats in:

  • Kingston,
  • Guelph,
  • Cambridge,
  • Lethbridge,
  • Red Deer Gatineau,
  • Niagara Falls,
  • St. Catharines,
  • Barrie,
  • Newmarket,
  • Aurora,
  • Windsor and
  • Kanata

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This is major because Uber Eats is the answer to all your late-night, early-morning, whenever cravings.

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Because food is next-level bae, and not being forced to leave your home is the best, Uber Eats is a recipe for success and comfort.

You can choose from some of your favourite local restaurants. Place your order with a single tap, and track your order every step of the way with real-time updates in the Uber Eats app. The best part? There’s no minimum order required! Too good, right? 

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In the app, you can find a meal for any occasion: a healthy breakfast, lunch at the office, dinner with family and friends, or just a mid-day snack craving. Whatever your hungry heart desires.

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Choose from the city's best local restaurants and your favourite brands, and place your order within a tap with the user-friendly app. The restaurant preps your food, an Uber Eats delivery partner picks it up and delivers it to your door. 

Also, here's some cool info about food that will make you love it even more. Did you know, an avocado is actually a berry? So, guac (not extra) is actually a berry dip.  You're welcome!

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You need Uber Eats in your life because you’re on-the-go, but you’re also hungry. Order Uber Eats and have food delivered from your favourite restaurants quickly and easily, without the hassle... The hardest part is just making a decision, basically.

So, what’s your flavour? Here are some suggestions on what to order next.

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Kingston, how about the brisket or pulled pork from MLT DWN? Guelph, The Bollywood Bistro is open and waiting to serve you with a Murgh Mali Tikka.  Dig into a chicken tandoori with all the fixins' from the Royal India Buffet and Sweets in Cambridge. 

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Lethbridge’s got the Umami Shop, Red Deer's Red Boar Smokery, Ottavio in Gattineau, Zak's Diner in Kanata. So much food!

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The Kashbah Mediterranean Qsine in Niagara Falls is ready to prep your order. And there's more. Chile and Agave in St. Catharines, Barrie's Fresco Cafe, Hungry Brew Hops in Newmarket, GRCo Grill in Aurora and Carrots n’ Dates in Windsor. 

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So, whether you're a serious foodie, or just don't really feel like interrupting your binge-watching, Uber Eats lets you experience and enjoy food, simply. That's how food should be. 

Ready to order? Here’s how:

1. Download the app or head to ubereats.com

2. Tell us where to deliver add your home, work, or any other address you want.

3. Browse local restaurants search for your favourite local spot or try something new.

4. Check out with a tap and pay directly with your credit card.

5. Track the progress of the delivery and get updates as your order is prepared and delivered to your destination.

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Hungry yet? Download the Uber Eats app, browse through a delicious selection of local restaurants and enjoy up to $5 off your first order with the promotion code EATS13IN1. (Offer valid through March 31, 2018 at 11:59pm EST). 

For more information on Uber Eats in your city, and to download the app, check out their official Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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