Canada has quite the reputation globally for being super friendly, and it seems the way that employers treat workers is no exception – there are a number of jobs that you can do in Canada that will actually pay more than their counterparts in the U.S.A. or other areas of the world.

There’s nothing quite like getting paid extra money to do the same job, but there are a ton of external factors that have an impact on why you might be earning more or less than your colleagues around the world. Such factors include supply and demand, local living costs, and even external circumstances such as the weather.

Here’s a quick look at some of the careers that Canucks are cleaning up in. Time for a change in career, eh?

11. Pharmacist

Pharmacists in Canada can enjoy a median salary of $99,840 which is a decent reward after the required bachelor of science degree and on-the-job training under a pharmacist needed to get the job. The job can bring with it a lot of stress, as you are sometimes taking the lives of others in your hands, and the drugs you're giving to them. As such, a high compensation is one of the perks!

Similarly, as with occupational therapists which we mentioned earlier in our list, the rapidly growing Canadian population means there is a rapidly growing need for pharmaceutical prescriptions. This, in turn, leads to a growing need for pharmacists to keep up with the demand.

Pharmacists have a place both in hospitals and in your more typical pharmacy settings, and in spite of a sharp increase in new pharmacists in recent years, the demand will continue into the future as we see an advancement and diversification of medicines available.

10. Veterinarian

At some point in their lives, pretty much every kid goes through the stage where they want to be a vet. If you have chosen to pursue this as your career path, going to school for the relevant degrees and training, you can find yourself making a very decent living working as a vet in Canada.

Although certainly not the highest earners on our list, with a median salary clocking in at CAD$78,229, you can still live incredibly comfortably on this salary in Canada. Plus, if you're following your passion and doing what you love more than anything, money becomes so much less of an object.

Increasingly, Canadians are choosing to have pets over children, and as such the industry is on the rise. Follow those childhood dreams and get yourself a job working with animals!

9. Occupational Therapist

If you want to help people through your career, improving the lives of those less able, a job as an occupational therapist might be for you, and Canadians are totally rocking at it.

Through creating programs for those affected by illness or injury, to get them back up and running faster and stronger, occupational therapists are doing an important job, and beyond the job satisfaction for many practitioners, a nice salary really helps things along.

Job prospects in the field are promising due to Canada’s aging population and the median salary in Canada for an occupational therapist is CAD$78,395.

8. Physicist or Astronomer

Granted, Canada isn't exactly going to be the next country to put man on the moon, but that isn't going to stop their researchers from exploring more of the universerse's mysteries. Naturally, this career requires quite a lot of knowledge and training and also requires a huge level of dedication to the job, as projects can take years to complete.

There aren’t many in Canada currently, but as more discoveries about the universe around us seem to be coming to light every week, the interest is certainly growing.

While there isn’t a demand for astronomers in the private sector in Canada, high-level public research institutions and universities hire the majority of these star-gazing researchers, so you can earn pretty big bucks if you can get in! The median salary for an astronomer in Canada currently sits around the CAD$91,437 mark.

7. Urban Planners

Canada’s major cities are becoming bigger and bigger players on the world’s stage, and the increases in business, as well as tourism, mean that the demand for skilled workers who can plan the way the city will look and function as it develops over the years is on the rise.

Working for both the government and private firms, an urban planner helps prepare and execute options for land developments. In this job, you could interact with a range of people from social scientists and lawmakers, to local or regional authorities, who may have pretty specific requirements on how an area can or cannot be developed.

Canadian urban planners will earn a median of CAD$85,010; an increase of over 50% on the average American salary for the same job - although the difference in the cost of living depending on where you are can further sweeten the deal!

6. Pilots and Flight Instructors

A notoriously competitive industry, making it as a pilot or flight instructor almost anywhere in the world is an impressive feat in itself, but with most major airports sitting in densely populated cities, Canadians will have a particularly hard time breaking into the industry.

Think outside the box a little on this one, it’s not just commercial pilots that are required (though Canada’s large land mass, does help with the demand for these, as passengers opt for the 2 hour flight over the 10 hour drive!), but pilots for crop spraying, aerial surveying, and even aircraft maintenance are also required.

The typical Canadian pilot will earn a few bucks short of CAD$80,000 per year and with all the overnights in hotels in far-flung destinations, you could save quite a bit on your food and lodgings, putting more money into your pocket!

5. Construction Manager

Construction managers are responsible for overseeing the activities of a construction team building a new condo block, house, or public building. As with many cities worldwide, Canada’s major cities have plenty of expansion opportunities, and with those responsibilities come the management opportunities.

Like most of the jobs on this list, this one requires a lot of hard work, with many people doing this job today having at least a bachelor’s degree under their belt, plus plenty of industry experience, working their way up from entry-level to management positions.

The median salary for construction workers in Canada is CAD$79,997 which is more than the typical household income in Canada, so a very nice wage indeed.

4. Mining or Forestry Manager

When most people think of Canada one of the first images that comes to mind is the burly lumberjack with a big beard, wearing plaid. Now, while this stereotype isn’t entirely accurate, especially with today’s less romantic set of health and safety rules, Canada certainly does benefit from being positively covered in forests.

A forestry or mining manager in Canada has a median annual salary of CAD$104,000 and will typically be responsible for overseeing on-the-ground operations on a day-to-day basis, making sure safety standards are met through proper planning and training, and that production quotas are met.

Thanks to the abundance of forests in the country, there is a lot of work to be done, and as such, those doing it can earn a lot more – roll up those sleeves, comb that beard, and grab an axe!

3. Petroleum and Chemical Engineer

Canada benefits from a huge amount of natural resources including oil which means that the oil industry is positively booming, and looks like it will continue to, well into the future.

The main responsibility of a petroleum and chemical engineer is to carry out studies for the exploration, development, and extraction of oil and/or natural gas, so understandably those in the role can earn big bucks.

Employers range from the government to big energy companies, so there is a little variation in salaries, but with the right level of experience and education, Canadians working in this field will do very well in comparison to their counterparts worldwide.

The median Canadian salary for this career is CAD$104,998 which when adjusted for the costs in Canada, blows many other country's payment for the same role totally out of the water.

2. Police Officer

Even in the “friendliest country on earth” somebody needs to be there to help keep the peace, protect the public, and prevent crime. Police officers are required worldwide, and with growing populations, there is always a demand for more men and women on the force. A lot of Canada’s population is focussed in small pockets of the major cities in the country, and because of this, the teams of officers in those towns need to be large and powerful.

Even though crime rates in the country have been in decline for the last decade, the teams of officers have only been getting bigger and stronger. The work is certainly very tough, working shifts, often dealing with unpleasant people and situations, so the certainly deserve a nice level of compensation - the median salary for a police officer in Canada is CAD$81,598.

Members of the Canadian police force are relatively unique in the fact that they usually receive annual pay rises beyond the rate of inflation, and they can claim back a percentage of unused leave at the end of the year in salary. Ca-ching that's the sounda da police!

1. Teacher

Perhaps a surprise for many reading this list, whilst teachers certainly aren't the highest earners in Canada, but in comparison to teachers around the world, the Canadians are killin' it thanks to very high government funding in their students' futures.

The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) found that teachers in Canada are among the highest paid in the world. After 15 years of teaching experience and all the typical required qualifications, Canadian teachers were earning around the USD$90 mark per teaching hour, with the average salary across most of the 35 countries in the study earning USD$71.

The Canadian government spends more per student in all stages of education up to post-secondary than any of the other OECD countries included in the study. Students who receive such strong education then go on to provide that same high-quality education for future generations – Canada seems to have it down.

So, if you were looking for a little job inspiration, this list has helped you find it and if you're in Canada, you can revel in the generosity of your employers on the global scale!

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