Winter, winter, winter. It is all us Manitobans seem to talk about, or at least what other people talk about when thinking of us. Instead of focusing on how Winnipeg is the coldest city in Canada, let's just focus on all the super fun things we can do here. So rather than staying inside and complaining, go buy some big warm Sorels, a North Face or Canada Goose jacket and get out of the house. I look like I'm taking a trip to the Arctic just to walk to my car but I think it's totally worth it!

So if you need some good ideas for things to do this winter with bae, check out what Manitoba has going on. Here are 40 Super Fun Things To Do With Your Significant Other This December 2017.

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Have a super cute winter bonfire.

Grab your mittens and make some hot cocoa, coffee, Bailey's, whatever you're in the mood for and cozy up with bae.

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Visit all the Christmas Lights in downtown Winnipeg.

In December, downtown Winnipeg get's full of lights. Go for a walk down portage, main, broadway, the forks, and the legislative building.

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Make snow angels at your local park or in your backyard.

Do it when we get a nice new fresh snowfall! Don't wait for the dog pee or dirt to eventually make it's presence.

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Watch the New Years Eve Fireworks at The Forks.

Spend your new years with your s/o and make sure you get that new years kiss. It will be awesome under the fireworks!

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Explore the all new Ice Castles.

Hopefully they will be open! It depends on the weather etc, so opening date is tentative, but if they are, bring your king or queen!

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Drive thru Canad Inns Winter Wonderland.

This is a perfect way to see the beautiful lights of Christmas even if it's a cold day out or you're not an outdoors type.

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Take a Sleigh Ride around Birds Hill Park Ranch.

Not only just a sleigh ride, but they also have dinner and a bonfire to stay toasty warm. Bae will probably warm you up the most though.

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Go Skating at the Rink Under The Canopy.

It's not open yet but by the end of December it should be all iced up and ready for you to skate around the circle while holding hands.

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A definitely must for any bucket list is going to the Raw:Almond winter pop up.

They build a super cool pop up on the ice that serves fancy delicious food. It always sells out so buy your tickets quick!

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Go for dinner or lunch at the adorable Pineridge Hollow.

It looks like its straight out of your Pinterest board but thats the point! They even have cute animals to pet.

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Have a nice diner at 529 Wellington.

Enjoy some amazing food on Wellington Crescent when it is so beautiful in winter with the big tall trees.

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Enjoy a relaxing day with a couples massage at Ten Spa.

What is more romantic than a day at the spa? Take a much needed break and de-stress.

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Enjoy the most beautiful outdoor spa in the winter at Thermea.

Thermea makes the winter look like a winter wonderland. It's a little getaway in the city.

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Go do some ballroom dancing lessons at Shirley's Dance Studio.

Thermea makes the winter look like a winter wonderland. It's a little getaway in the city.

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Go for oysters, appetizers or dinner at Wasabi Sabi.

My favourite of all the locations, it's the nicest and has great oysters, wagyu beef, sushi and more.

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Go for dinner at Hy's Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar.

The downtown steakhouse is one of the top restaurants in the city. If you want a classy steak dinner, this is perfect.

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Enjoy some free skating at rinks across Winnipeg.

For most of December, enjoy free skating times at many different indoor rinks across the city.

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Go swimming at free swims at pools across Winnipeg.

For the beginning of December enjoy free swim times at a bunch of different pool around the city.

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Go Tobogganing at one of Winnipegs Toboggan hills.

The prairies are known for being flat but we have just enough hills to make tobogganing happen!

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Visit one of the Santa's at any of the malls.

Get your yearly couples photo with Santa. Bring the dog, the kids, and make sure you all wear super cute sweaters or matching outfits.

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Take a photo with the new Winnipeg Sign.

If you've been busy and haven't got around to it yet, use any time off around the holidays to get it done!

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Go find the secret Back Alley Arctic.

So this secret back lane has been transformed into an alley of Artic art! You can find it in the back lane of Canora and Ethelbert Street between Westminster and Wolseley.

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See the cool lights at the Manitoba Hydro building.

If it's to cold to go out and see the Christmas lights downtown, just got to the Manitoba Hydro building.

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Take a brewery tour through one of Winnipeg's many breweries.

Warm up this December and try a new craft beer. Grab some Manitoba made St. Nick's Oaked Spiced Porter.

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Chocoberry Dessert House is the place to go for a cute coffee date.

The ultra cute face designs on their cups are the best and I don't know why everyone doesn't do this!?

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You have to go to Jenna Rae Cakes.

The queens of Instagram, their cakes, desserts, snacks, and everything else look so amazing!

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Grab some fresh pastry at La Belle Baguette.

A perfect date spot to go to in St. Boniface. It's like your own like piece of Paris.

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Baked Expectations is the place to go for a slice of cake.

Take a walk along Osborne Village and stop by for a snack or one of their many famous cakes.

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Go to Ichiban for a dinner and a show.

They cook your food right in front of you while doing tricks with huge flames! Make your dinner a little more fun!

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Hit up Kawaii Crepe for a Japanese crepe.

They have multiple locations but if you want to take a stroll along Osborne, you can take your super cute crepe with you.

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Try some new tapas at Enoteca.

Every time I eat these tapas, I'm always pleasantly surprised how good these they are, but then again I'm not a chef. They know what they are doing!


Go to the revolving restaurant Prairie 360.

Obviously it has the absolutely best views of the city from up there. Look out over Winnipeg and watch the snow cover the city.

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Go Christmas shopping at The Forks Market.

The ultra cute face designs on their cups are the best and I don't know why everyone doesn't do this!?

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Do more Christmas shopping at the VIA Pop-Up Farmers Market.

On Dec 10th there will be a Christmas farmers market pop up at the historic train station downtown.

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Go snow tubing at Adrenaline Adventures.

An affordable super fun activity for the winter. They have a tow rope to pull you up the hill so you don't have to walk.

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Go to one of the Third & Bird Christmas pop ups.

One of the most popular markets, crafts sales, and pop ups in the city. You're sure to find some amazing new stuff here!

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Go to the Holiday 2017 W.E.S.T. Etsy Market

On Dec 16th at the St. James Civic Centre, check out the holiday Etsy market. Look at all your favourite Etsy things in real life!

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Go to the HSC Christmas Craft Sale.

On Dec 7-8th, check out the Health Sciences Centre Christmas Craft Sale. Something hand made is always more meaningful.

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Check out Minnedosa's Fun Fest Handmade Christmas Craft Market.

On Dec 9th, take a drive out to Minnedosa to find some gems for Christmas. Rural Manitoba always has the best craft sales!

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Go skating on the Red River Mutual Trail.

It's not frozen yet so don't think you can go just yet, but hopefully by the end of December we will be able to go on it!

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