40 Super Fun Manitoba Things To Do With Your Significant Other This December 2017

It's the month of mistletoe.

Winter, winter, winter. It is all us Manitobans seem to talk about, or at least what other people talk about when thinking of us. Instead of focusing on how Winnipeg is the coldest city in Canada, let's just focus on all the super fun things we can do here. So rather than staying inside and complaining, go buy some big warm Sorels, a North Face or Canada Goose jacket and get out of the house. I look like I'm taking a trip to the Arctic just to walk to my car but I think it's totally worth it!

So if you need some good ideas for things to do this winter with bae, check out what Manitoba has going on. Here are 40 Super Fun Things To Do With Your Significant Other This December 2017.

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