Nowadays, it feels like it's practically impossible to tell if a guy is into you. The old, "if he's being mean to you, it means he likes you" myth has been debunked, and the series of emojis he texts you at 1:30am are cryptic AF (two pineapples and a cat? Is this a new sex thing?)

Bottom line is, if a guy likes you and wants to be with you, he will do everything he can to make it happen. But in case you’re still not sure, here are 9 pretty obvious signs your Winnipeg guy is really into you:

1. He takes you to a Winnipeg Jets game.

Seats are not cheap, especially if you (like me) are more focused on how good Trouba and Matthias look in their uniform than actually following the puck. Speaking of 'not cheap', two or three G&Ts are usually necessary to get through an entire hockey game—but he swears he doesn't mind that you're double fisting snacks all evening.

2. He drives from Charleswood to Transcona to pick you up from Fionn MacCool's.

The quickest that he could possibly get there (without breaking the law) is still over 30 minutes. But your Winnipeg man is willing to do it in a heartbeat—AND feed you Smoke's Poutinerie afterwards. If that's not true love, I don't know what is.

3. He posts a photo of the two of you skating on the Red River Mutual Trail.

Skating the Red River is possibly the most romantic activity that exists in our winter city, and the fact that he wants everyone to know that your runny nose and red face belong to him is nothing short of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Bonus points if he suggests brunch at RAW: Almond afterwards.

4. He texts you before he heads out for a guys night in the Exchange with his friends.

If he's considerate enough to text you as he braves the line for The Pal, or shoots you a message as he walks up to 441 Main, he's got you on his mind. Don't forget to wait up for the classic post-McDonald's "sup?" text at 2:30am (this means he loves you more than his double-bacon-cheeseburger-add-mac-sauce.)

5. When you're having a bad day, he surprises you with Oh Doughnuts.

He knows this is your ultimate sugar craving (probably because you literally drool about the dark chocolate caramel pretzel doughnut in your sleep most nights), and he dealt with having to park on Broadway to get it for you. That's sweet—but not sweet enough for you to share any with him.

6. He goes shopping to Polo Park with you during Christmas season.

If he doesn't bat an eye at the screaming kids on Santa's knee, the bumper car-like situation in the parking lot, or the $400 you dropped at Lululemon "for gifts for your family", he's definitely into you.

7. He grabs Little Sister Coffee with you even though he’s cool with the stuff from McDonald's.

He doesn't know the difference between a mocha and a matcha, but he still buys you both a soy latte, poses for your Instagram pic, and listens to you drone about the importance of locally-owned coffee houses.

8. He accompanies you to the Third + Bird market.

And he doesn't say anything about you spending $100 on succulent holders when you've never managed to keep alive a single plant, fish, or hamster in your life. A man who bites his tongue is doing it because he's into you.

9. Above all, he let's you know how he feels about you.

All witty remarks and hilarious anecdotes aside— if I know one thing about Winnipeg, it's that our city is full of some seriously amazing women. I hope your Winnipeg guy reminds you constantly how amazing you are, because if he is, you've landed a good one.

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