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13 Scariest Places To Go To In Manitoba For Halloween 2017

Haunted houses, zombie chases, and spooky shots.

It's just about Halloween and all of those awesome scary attractions will be opening up! Manitoba has haunted houses, forests, trains, zombie chases, corn mazes, pumpkin patches and tons more.

If you're a horror fanatic and went out to see the new "IT" movie that just came out, Six Pines has some extra scary clowns this year. They will be there just waiting to scare the sh*t out of you!

If you want to have some spooky shots and cocktails, go to Fear The Living Dead at Adrenaline Adventures. They have cool Halloween themed drinks along with the scary zombie chase. Celebrate if you survive!

So if you are looking to be scared this Halloween, we have lots of options for you. Here are 13 Scariest Places To Go To In Manitoba For Halloween 2017. Do you dare to do them all?

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