15 Bucket List Things To Do To Enjoy The First Snowfall In Manitoba

Have a super cute #firstsnowfall ❄️

Most of the time our first snowfall of the year never lasts so it's best to make the most of it! It's a great time to just enjoy the snow without it being minus 30 degrees just yet. The beginning of fall is when we put on our favourite sweaters, so the first snow fall is when we bring out the scarfs, toques, and mittens. It's even appropriate to bring out your Sorels!

Sometimes it snows a little, and sometimes it snows a lot, but either way, there is something to do for all amounts of snow. Maybe we can't make snowmen and have snowball fights just yet, and obviously skiing and snowmobiling are out of the question, but it's a great time to do the super cute things in the snow!

See the things to do for the first snowfall below by the amount it's snowing or NEXT to see them all:

Snowing a little ❄️

Snowing moderately ❄️❄️

Snowing a lot ❄️❄️❄️

To start with things to do if it's snowing a little ❄️, click "NEXT"

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Kim Orlick