20 Bucket List Desserts & Drinks That You Must Try This Summer In Winnipeg

And the options are ridiculously colourful!

Dunkaroos, Cotton Candy, Lucky Charms, and Birthday Cake flavored drinks and desserts... need I say more!? Get your #throwbackthursday fix in the best way possible, with the most spectacularly satisfying foods you've ever seen!

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Have we really even grown up anyways? Age is just a number. So get out there and try these bucket list desserts and drinks that'll take you way back to your childhood.

via @jennaraecakes

Dunkaroo Cookie Sandwiches // Jenna Rae Cakes

via @bakedexpectations

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake // Baked Expectations

via @holly.neufeld

Pic-A-Pop Soda // Various Retailors

via @jennaraecakes

Lucky Charms Macarons // Jenna Rae Cakes

via @pinkys_bakeshop

Pokemon Cookies // Pinky's Bakeshop

via @theroostwpg

Birthday Cake Cocktail // The Roost

via @popcartwpg

Handmade Popsicles // Pop Cart

via @ohdoughnuts

The Simpsons' Donut // Oh Doughnuts

via @jennaraecakes

Cotton Candy Cake // Jenna Rae Cakes

via @jennaraecakes

Lucky Charms Sugar Cookie Sandwiches // Jenna Rae Cakes

via @bronutswpg

Classic Sprinkle Donut // Bronuts

via @pinkys_bakeshop

Fruity Pebble Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches // Pinky's Bakeshop

via @blindtigerwinnipeg.ca

Colored Coffee // Blind Tiger

via @belle_baguette

Strawberry Pocket Tarts // La Belle Baguette

via @theroostwpg

Birthday Gone Sour Cocktail // The Roost

via @ohdoughnuts

Lucky Charms Doughnut // Oh Doughnuts

via @ohdoughnuts

Birthday Cake Cheesecake Doughnut // Oh Doughnuts

via @pinkys_bakeshop

Fruit Pebbles Macarons // Pinky's Bakeshop

via @pinkys_bakeshop

Strawberry Sundae Cupcake // Pinky's Bakeshop

via @jennaraecakes

Cotton Candy Cupcakes // Jenna Rae Cakes

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