20 Manitoba Things You & Your Sister/BFF Gotta Do Together This Winter

The holidays are the best time for some bonding!

With the holidays coming up, it's time to start planning how to enjoy it with your girls! So even if you are the stay inside type over the winter, you can try some new restaurants, spas, or go on a getaway to one of those massive malls. You can stay inside and still have lots of things to do! If you an outdoorsy type of person and are willing to brave the chilly weather, you can go snowboarding, skating, or visit one of the cool outdoor warming huts or castles. RAW: Almond lets you eat on the ice while staying warm and Thermea also lets you stay warm outside. There is something for everyone!

So whether you are embracing the cold weather with open arms or are totally ready to hibernate until spring, it's time to start making some plans for the winter. Check out where to go in Manitoba this winter with your girls to make the most of your holidays! Here are 20 Manitoban Things You & Your Sister/BFF Gotta Do Together This Winter.

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