Winnipeg has two major universities. But inevitably, everyone will assume you go to the U of M when you say you're in school. If you're just starting out, get ready to hear that for the next four (or more) years. If you've been one of the Wesmen for a while, you know a downtown campus comes with its own unique challenges – especially when you're stuck in rush hour traffic, trying to make a Fools & Horses run, AND make it to your first class on time.

Whether you're a criminal justice major, an English student, or a future gym teacher, chances are you've missed the turnoff for Starbucks in the AnX, taken a nap in the Bulman Centre and lived out of the fourth-floor vending machines during exam week. We feel ya.

Here are 21 more of those things you'll probably end up doing while you work your butt off for that degree:

1. You spend all day in Lockhart Hall and never take off your parka and Heritage Classic toque.

You’d think lecture halls full of 100+ kids sweating through their PSYC-1000 finals would warm the place up a bit, but think again. On the plus side, you can wear the same sweatshirt and tights every single day, and NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW.

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2. You use your M/W/F English class in the Buhler Centre as an excuse to pop into Stella’s.

Everyone knows 9 a.m. classes are just a little more bearable with a latte in your hand.

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3. You trip on one of the yellow spiral staircases and probably spill your latte all over yourself.

It’s basically a rite of passage. Bonus points if you catch people making out in there at the same time.

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4. You live in fear of going too fast or too slow on the escalators.

You take the easy route after your stairs fiasco, and now you worry about getting stuck behind “standers” and being late for class or, even worse, slowing everyone down yourself.

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5. You take a nap on the couches in Bernice’s Reading Room.

Everyone knows those blue loungers really aren’t for studying. Just don’t be that one person blaring music from the headphones around their neck.

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6. You hit up Garbonzo’s before, after or during your evening class.

You don’t REALLY need to go if your prof is showing a movie, right?

7. You’re late for that evening class every time there’s a Jets game anyway.

None of the buses are on time, you have to weave through crowds on Portage, and you end up paying $15 for parking. Might as well just head to The Pint and watch the game.

8. You buy lunch from Pangea’s Kitchen instead of running across the street to Subway and feel healthy AF all day.

It costs twice as much, but the stir-fry is JUST SO GOOD.

9. You inevitably buy something from the kiosks set up outside Riddell Hall.

This is especially true when The Book Man is there.

10. You used to wait in line for an hour and a half every month just to get your bus pass.

Now you just have to worry about that a couple times a year, but peggo glitches mean you spent the first few weeks this year explaining to your bus driver “I know it doesn’t scan. I go to the U of W.”

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11. You spend more time at The Good Will than you do in class.

Because of course you do.

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12. You end up spending your spares sitting on the floor in Manitoba Hall, just so you have access to an outlet.

Would it kill them to put charging stations on some of the desks? On the plus side, this is one of the only quiet spots in the entire school. Just make sure no one hits you with a door when classes end.

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13. You text a friend to come hold your place in the two-hour long line that stretches around the entire bookstore – just so you can run next door to Starbucks.

Come on, who doesn’t buy their books at the last minute?

14. But you’ll gladly wait to pay your tuition fees at Student Central.

It’s an extra $75 to pay online. That’s almost 25 Bronuts, which, let’s be honest, is a way better use for that money.

15. Poster sales take away so much study space, but you love them anyway.

You always spend your spare browsing and end up lugging around a poster tube all day.

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16. You wear two pairs of pants so you don’t freeze your ass off walking to Menno Simons College.

Shoutout to anyone who has a locker or lives in res and books it over there wearing only a jean jacket and sweats in January.

17. You end up sitting beside one of your profs while exercise biking at the Bill Wedlake Fitness Centre.

Chances are you’re there productive procrastinating during exams, and they’re grading paper while they work out, which just stresses you out even more.

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18. You walk past the UWSA Bike Lab every day and wonder if you should start cycling to class.

You probably don't do it, but maybe you end up riding your bike to The Forks instead of busing. Either way, stop in. They're pretty cool people.

19. You have no idea what a Wesmen is, but you’ll buy a team hoodie anyway.

Turns out, there’s a long, complicated history behind the name. You rock the red and black anyway.

20. You look at the apartment listings on the bulletin boards and consider renting a place closer to campus just so you don’t have to wait for your bus in -30°C.

While you’re there, you also look for any posters that don’t have a UWSA-approved stamp. Those rule breakers.

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21. You want to try and actually get work done during your spare, but you know there’s no point in logging on to the slow, overloaded Wi-Fi.

Just go to Thom Bargen instead. It’s not THAT far of a walk.

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