Whether you're not a drinker, quitting, cutting back, pregnant, on a diet, keeping that beach bod on point or just looking for something else to do, that doesn't mean you should have any less fun. These activities will make sure you have the most fun for days on end! 

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Summer is almost already half over! So pack your bag and grab some Gatorade because you're going to need it! Get ready to have the time of your life with these 22 Super Fun Things To Do In Manitoba If You Don't Drink.

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Flying Water Jetpacks // Canadian Jetpack Adventures

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Doing Goat Yoga // 10 Acre Woods

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Going Rapid Surfing // The Hard Core Surf & Paddleboard Company

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Watching Movies On The Beach // Gimli Film Festival

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Go Ziplining // Hy-wire Zipline Adventures

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Go Cable Wakeboarding // Adrenaline Adventures

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Lighting Chinese Lanterns // The Lights Fest

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Cliff Diving // Tulabi Falls

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Go Karting // Grand Prix

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White Water Rafting // Wilderness Supply

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Climb The Ropes Course // Adrenaline Adventures

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Go Seadooing // Viking Rentals

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Go Skydiving // Adventure Skydiving

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Go Scubadiving // Diver City Scuba

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Go On A Hot Air Balloon Ride // Sundance Balloons

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Slide Down The Falls // Rainbow Falls

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Go Quadding // Snow Much Fun

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Play Giant Boardgames // Big Games

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Giant Hamster Ball Rolling // Games2U Winnipeg

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Food Truck Wars // Manyfest

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Play Arrow Tag // Archery Games Winnipeg

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Visit Weird Giant Roadside Attractions // Various Locations

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