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6 Myths Every Manitoban Is Guilty Of Believing

Bring on the Myth Busters!

Remember the MythBusters show!? You must have watched the Discovery Channel at least once in your life. I'm no Discovery Channel scientist, and the 2 guys from MythBusters have mad skills on me, but not all myths need Adam and Jamie for help (although it would be cool if they did!).

There's always that one person who tends to think they know everything. Whether it's about Manitoba's history, some random weird facts like how glowsticks are made, or they just like to correct someone if they're wrong. I wonder if someone reading this is like "I know how they are made" and if you just thought that, you might just be that person (or you also watch How It's Made).

If you do watch Myth Busters though, there's a chance you know more than most, well at least about science or random facts. I mean if you spend your time watching the Discovery channel over MTV, you're probably in some top percentile of people. I'm not hating on MTV though, I love MTV.

Do you solemnly swear that you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? People talk and like everyone we can get caught up in the opinions of others. Like any city around the world though, Winnipeg is home to many myths that need a bit of busting. So here are 6 Myths Every Manitoban Is Guilty Of Believing.

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