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70 Of The Best Dressed People In Winnipeg For Halloween 2017

I'm a bunny, duh.

Although Halloween isn't quite upon us yet, most of the parties were this weekend and it was the time to show off your gory makeup, sexy bunny ears, or ridiculous costume. Whether you threw something together last minute, spend months hand making your costume, or are just the same thing every year, all that really matters is that you dressed up and weren't one of those lame people who don't like costumes. Who doesn't like costumes!?

I bet your Insta feed has just been full of everyone's costumes all weekend. I know mine was, there has been everything from super cute couples costumes, insane group costumes, hilarious costumes, scary AF costumes, amazing makeup, sexy costumes, and so much more. It was also Comicon this weekend so superheroes were also flooding the gram.

There were so many great costumes I wish I could have seen and included them all! People go out of their way to create the most unique costumes all for one night, it's crazy, but I love it. We have so many talented Halloween goers in Winnipeg it's awesome! I can't wait until next year to see what people think of next, but for this year, here are some of the finest. So tag your friends and let them know if you've spotted someone you know and spread the Halloween spirit! It only comes once a year when it's appropriate to walk around like a serial killer, so enjoy these 70 Of The Best Dressed People In Winnipeg For Halloween 2017.

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