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26 Winnipeg Stores With Crazy "Black Friday" Deals

Insane shoppers rejoice!

Boxing Day is known as the best shopping day of the year for deals, but the real shoppers know that Black Friday is really where it's at. It was not that long ago that Winnipeg didn't even get Black Friday. It used to just be an event that only the United States got, but with the growth in popularity it eventually came to Canada and is now bigger than ever! All the huge chains across Canada are offering ridiculous sales that you aren't going to want to miss out on.

Black Friday is not as crazy here as it is in the United States though. People go crazy here but they are on another level over there in the States. Thankfully, we don't have people getting trampled and killed over saving a couple bucks. People still go crazy though without a doubt, waiting outside of stores before they open for hours in the cold.

Luckily you don't need to fight through the crowds anymore if you don't want to. Cyber Monday allows you to grab all those good deals online from the comfort of your home, right in your PJs and without anyone else trying to fight you for shopping. You still get to snag all those seriously cheap electronics, clothes, makeup and more without all that leaving the house and talking to people hassle.

So if you're looking to grab the best gifts for you loved ones without having to pay full price for the holiday season, these deals are going to blow you away! Check out where in Winnipeg is having awesome sales. Here are some of our favourite stores in Winnipeg that are having crazy Black Friday sales.

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Clothing Stores

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Toy And Video Game Stores

Book Stores

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