This Monday morning in Manitoba, 15 school routes that would usually be bustling with students were empty. Due to online social media threats that were posted on Sunday night, 4,000 students just north of Winnipeg were forced to remain home today as 15 different schools were shut down across the city. 

A message was posted on the Lord Selkirk School Division Website early Monday morning to share the news. "To ensure the safety of students and staff, all schools will be closed, today, Monday, December 3rd.". 

The initial threat that was discovered on a social media post, was resolved within a few hours, and the RCMP has made an arrest on an 18-year-old teenager from Selkirk for "multiple violent threats,". 

After this situation was resolved, the schools planned to stay in operation on Monday morning, until another threat was posted later that night. 

Since then, the RCMP has arrested two more students who were associated with the threats and state that they are not looking into any more suspects. Yet, for the safety of the fellow students at staff, the decision was made to keep to school closed today while the investigation is still underway. 

The school board attempted to ensure that all students would get the closure message by Monday morning by posting on their website and using their online messenger system and e-mails to all students and staff. 

This isn't the first time that Selkirk has faced threats this year. Earlier this year, in October, the school was put in lockdown when RCMP arrested a 17-year old student after he walked onto school property with a shotgun and ammunition. 

Source: CBC News, Global News 

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