If you can remember not too long ago Hawaii was faced with a pretty serious false alarm scare. The small island community was sent a terrifying emergency alert, communicating an impending missile attack on the state. 

After panic ensured for over 40 minutes the residences were informed that the attack was actually a literal false alarm and that they were never in any serious danger. 

Understandably many were upset over the scare and the amount of time it took to communicate that the news was actually false. 

And those living in Winnipeg’s Osborne Village just had to deal with the exact same thing. 

Just yesterday night the residence Osborne Village were subjected to an emergency alert being broadcast over a loudspeaker. The alert warned residents of an imminent nuclear missile threat to Canada.

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In audio recorded in the area, you can hear a loud siren, then a robotic-sounding voice warning of six nuclear missiles headed towards Canada and the United States. It warns Canadian residents to seek shelter underground, to stay away from windows and to tune in to local media.

Understandably a terrifying and panic inducing message, the situation was more so confusing since news of a nuclear threat or a missile attack hasn't been sent to any media outlets or other parts of the country. The warning was only played to those in the Osborne Village area.   

According to Global News the message also informed residence that, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be speaking on all stations shortly,” it says.

Jon Lovlin, managing editor of Global News Winnipeg, says that he heard the warning just after 9 p.m. and those in the area of the alert were seen listening on their balconies. 

Many of course called the local police in a panic. Law enforcement arrived quickly to investigate but have not been able to figure out who had sounded the false alarm. As of right now this is all the information available about the incident. 

Source: Global News

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