You made it! It's over, yet another treacherous month of stress, studying, not sleeping, and whatever else you have going on to make it thru. You can finally take a break for the summer! (Unless you're taking summer courses, then your celebration is delayed another couple of months)

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If your summer job hasn't started yet, or you have some time before your summer term starts, take this precious free time for yourself. The sun is shining, so get out of the house and check out these 14 Things To Do In Winnipeg Now That Your Exams Are Finally Over.

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Drink! Celebrate in style at the Winnipeg Wine Festival!

I don't think they'll run out of wine on you.

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Get out of those sweats and dance your head off at Nectar Nightclub.

Show em what you got!

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Finally see your friends again and go to the grand opening of Little Brown Jug.

Make up for being a hermit the past month.

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Take a mini road trip to one of these Wicked Places.

You're finally free!

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Get your beach bod back at Brickhouse Gym.

Loose the freshmen 15.

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You can finally relax now, so make it count at Thermea.

Seriously though, you can never go there enough, and now it definitely the best time.

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Cleanse out your body with some healthy juice from Green Carrot Juice Company.

There's nothing a cleanse can't fix right? It will be like you didn't drink any alcohol at all!

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Laugh away your sorrows of still not being done school with Shawn Wayans at Rumors Comedy Club.

Scary Movie and White Chicks were the best!

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Read a book you'll actually enjoy from Mcnally Robinson.

Now that you aren't trying to read a billion pages a night.

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Fix whatever mess of a ponytail/bun you got going on at Head Rush Salon.

There could be something growing it in at this point ....

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Remind yourself what the outside world looks like and head to The Forks.

It's so beautiful! That fresh air though!

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Clean the nasty mess you've accumulated with help from Minty Maids.

This is how Hoarders starts.

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Buy your broke ass some new clothes at the Outlet Mall opening soon.

Student budget clothing! Maybe that's why they built it near the U of M.

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Eat a delicious meal that's not KD from one of these mazing Restaurants.

Food never tasted so good!

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