Sometimes dinner and a movie just doesn't cut it. After a few years, when Netflix and chill becomes Netflix and fall asleep, you gotta change it up. Even For those of us who go out and try new things, if you've been together for a long ass time, you know the struggle is real.

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If you're in that long term relationship life, turn your date nights up and Netflix off. Get out of the house, get off Instagram, and get this date going. But if you think you've tried everything, here are 15 Winnipeg Dates For Couples Who Have Been Going Out Forever And Are Bored Of Everything.

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Check out electronic music from Memetic

On Friday, March 25th they are having a Masquerade Party.

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Race Go Karts at Speed World

Let your competitive side out and win against your date!

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Paint your own pottery at Brushfire Studio

Make each other your own custom painted gifts.

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Shoot arrows at Heartland Archery

Let your inner Katniss out!

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Learn to cook at Deluca's

Level up your cooking skills! Your significant other will for sure thank you for this one.

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Decorate cookies at Sweet Impressions

For the cookie monster in your life.

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Play giant board games with Big Games

Take a regular old board game night and turn it up to Big Games!

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Roll around in giant hamster balls from Games 2 U

Don't just let kids have all the action!

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Have a foam fight from Games 2 U

Skip the hot tub and have way more fun!

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Do Sumo wrestling with Party Works

Steam roller!

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Do big boxing with Party Works

Take out any built up tension from the past years of your relationship.

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Go rock climbing at Vertical Adventures

Show off that sexy harness!

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Take a train ride on the Prairie Dog Central Railway

Have a retro date on these old vintage trains.

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Take a wine tasting class at Banville & Jones

Wine is a must on every good date.

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Take an epic brewery hop across Winnipeg

If wine isn't your thing, take in all the brewskies.

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