20 Super Cheap Places In Manitoba You Can Rent This Winter

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So camping is totally out of the question at this point, for about 99% of us or even more like 99™.99999%. I know there are some people who go in the winter but those are a unique few and definitely not me. My tent is from Canadian Tire, not the arctic. So since camping is out of the question and we won't be able to go do that comfortably for many months from now, getting a winter rental or Airbnb is totally the way to go! You get to have an outing or mini vacay while staying warm with heat, lights, running water, and maybe even some extra luxuries, it's great!

Even if you still want that outdoorsy lifestyle there are rustic cabins to rent so you are still enjoying nature. If rustic isn't your thing, get a nice condo in the city which is especially awesome if you are from out of town or need to leave your crazy household. You can even stay in some cool lofts with private rooftop patios to get a little luxury and feel like you are living a fancy life even if it's just for one night.

So if you need to get away or just looking for a bit of a change, check out where in Manitoba has great winter rentals. Here are 20 Airbnbs & VRBO To Rent In Manitoba For Super Cheap This Winter.

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$25-$50 A Night Per Person

$50-$75 A Night Per Person

$75-$100 A Night Per Person

$100-$125 A Night Per Person

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