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7 Secret Hideaways In Manitoba That You Need To Explore Before The End Of Summer

Your next wild adventure awaits!

Remember how cool it was to hang out in forts that you built when you were a kid? Maybe they were outside and made with sticks or maybe they were the ones in the living room made out of blankets. Either way, all kinds of hideaways are the best.

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Having hideaways isn't just for when you were a kid! If you're willing to explore and adventure, you can find some amazing secret spots! Discover hidden tunnels, caves, and water holes across Manitoba. Here are 7 secret hideaways in Manitoba that you need to explore.

Clearwater Lake Caves

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In Clearwater Lake Provincial Park are some super tall hidden caves. The massive rocks split, creating these cool crevices you can adventure through.

Hunt Lake Trail Cave

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The Whiteshell Provincial Park is a long difficult hiking trail perfect for the hardcore adventurers. The trail leads you to an amazing cave though, which makes it totally worth it!

Pine Dock Hidden Caves

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In the small town of Pine Dock are some enchanting hidden caves. The caves are created from crevices formed in between the cliffs.

Caddy Lake Tunnels

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In The Whiteshell Provincial Park at Caddy Lake, are super cool tunnels to canoe through! The caves were created by old railroad construction.

Tunnel Island 

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In Lake Of The Woods, just outside of Manitoba, (approx 35 min) near Kenora, is the tunnel island trail that features a cool rock train tunnel. 

Devil's Punch Bowl

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In Spruce Woods Provincial Park and Spirit Sands self-guiding trail is this eerie pool of blue green water called "Devil's Punch Bowl".

Abandoned Water Slides

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In Lockport is the old Wet'n Wild Water Slide Park. The water park has been abandoned for years now and is a popular spot for photographers.

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