Have you ever watched people on TV or YouTube flying those cool jetpack boards over water? Well if you have, don’t let them have all the fun! Even Manitoba has a place where you can try it out!

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Canadian Jetpack Adventures offers flyboard rentals (that’s what they are actually called) in Gimli at Lake Winnipeg. It’s just an hour drive away outside of Winnipeg, so you should probably make this happen!

Get out your Go Pro because this sh*t looks insane! You're probably going to want your friends to Snap it too, and group sessions are cheaper, so bring your friends for the ultimate beach trip or even for a date if you're crazy like that.


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Group sessions are $185 an hour for 2-20 people plus you have to take a first-time flyers course that is an extra $20 per person. One on one first-time flyers course is $29, then $89 for a 20 min session, $119 for a 30 min session, $169 for a 45 min session or $219 for a 60 min session.

Click here for more info.

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