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You Won't Believe These 15 Magical Places Exist In Manitoba

Makin' magic.

Get some Manitoba magic! Not the real magician kind, although there is a Winnipeg magic club just in case you were wondering. They're pretty cool! Remember Criss Angel!? He was like my favourite magician, also the only one I even knew of. Well, I don't know what happened to him, maybe he's still doing magic, but we have some magic of our own right in our own backyard.

It's these amazing photographers more than anything though who are able to capture the beautiful things in Manitoba. They really put forward the magical places that we have here by traveling around the province and into the bush just to get an amazing shot. Without them we wouldn't get to see what rural Manitoba has to offer, unless you like to go all Survivor Man. It's them who really show us just how beautiful it can be.

When you're up on a plane living' the high life you get all those amazing views, but the rest of us down here unfortunately don't. The photographers with drones though are able to shows us Manitoba in ways we've probably never seen it before. So check out these 15 magical places in Manitoba that you won't believe really exist.

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