You've had enough drinks to last you an entire month. There's only so much of George you can handle. No more terrible hangovers and no more searching for the cure. Forget trying to fix the problem with takeout, we both know it doesn't end well.

It's high time for a sober weekend, and lucky for you there are plenty of events going on for you to enjoy.  Fashion shows, art openings, concerts and even sci-fi conventions are all happening in St. John's this weekend. If you're looking for something fun and exciting to do that doesn't involve getting smashed, we have you covered.

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Sooley Spring Summer Fashion Show

Take in the beauty that at the Sooley Spring/Summer fashion show. Happening Saturday 7:30pm at Mercedes-Benz. There will be stunning models showcasing Sooley's most impressive work. Not only that but there will be food provided by The Fifth Ticket. If you don't have your ticket you better hurry as tickets are selling out fast.

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Downhome Expo

While this event is hosted outside of St. John's in Mount Pearl it made the list regardless! The annual Downhome Expo starts Friday and runs until Sunday at the Glacier Arena. Three days full of prizes to be won, things to buy and fun to be had. There are over 100 exhibitors this year which means there are even more ways to enjoy the Expo. Tickets are available at 

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Sci-Fi On the Rock

Calling all Star War lovers: it's your chance to shine. A weekend full of amazing activities including best costume contest, incredible vendors along with various other activities. Sci-Fi On The Rock kicks off Friday and ends Sunday. Drop by the Sheraton Hotel and be a part of the lively atmosphere.

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Mark Walker at The Fifth Ticket

Enjoy a night of laughter with Mark Walker at The Fifth Ticket this Saturday at 8pm. A comedy night that will make your belly hurt from laughing. Tickets are available at The Fifth Ticket or the Orange Store. Be sure to grab them while supplies last as the late show is already sold out!

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Spring Pop-Up At Rocket Bakery

End your weekend at the Rocket Bakery viewing some stunning artwork by local artists. Featuring work by Ragmaw, Good on Ya, Daniela Fougere and Ethereal Boutique. This wonderful Pop-Up begins Sunday 10am and ends 4pm. There is no need to buy a ticket as the event is free!

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Bill and Joel Plaskett

Treat your ears to some live music with Bill and Joel Plaskett. Follow the beat and have a laugh with the by's at this amazing show for only one night! Head down to the Majestic Saturday night at 8pm, tickets are available at SonicConerts.

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Public Drum Circle

Join in on the jam sesh with the Arts and Culture Centre. All are welcome to come participate and even make some new friends! Drum along to your own beat or all together. Passes are $7 per person and if you BYOD (bring your own drum) it's $5. It's all happening this Sunday at 1pm.

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Miles for Smiles walk at Bowring Park

Get out and stretch those legs at Bowring Park this weekend. Not only will you get to stretch those winter legs but you'll also support a great cause too! Miles for Smiles walk supports and creates awareness for Preventing Child Abuse. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. So lace up those sneakers and head down there this Sunday at 1pm.

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Sci-Fi On the Rock Dance Party

Along with the amazing convention this weekend. Sci-Fi on the rock is having their own dance party! It doesn't get much better than that. It will be held Saturday night at the Sheraton Hotel in the Avalon/Battery room. So round up your friends and dart on down for 9pm, tickets are only $10 and can be bought at Sci-Fi on the Rock 11.

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Natalia Charapova Pop-up Show at Red Ochre Gallery

Come on down to the Red Ochre Gallery this Saturday and Sunday. Immerse yourself in the visually pleasing pieces of work by Natalia Charapova. It's free to have a look at this amazing work and who doesn't love a talented artist?

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Beginner-Intermediate Juggling Workshop

Now is your chance to finally learn the ways of a juggler. This Saturday at 11AM is your time to shine and it's only going to cost you $10. Learn the ropes whether you're a beginner or still learning. If this is what you've been missing then head on down to The SPACE and start juggling!

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