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8 Places To Take Your BFF In St. John's If They Have A Serious Sweet Tooth

Donut worry, we've got you covered.

Is it just us, or does everything taste better when you're with your bestie? With all the sweethearts in this town, there is no surprise we got some amazing places to please that sweet craving. 

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St. John's prides itself on our local talents—bakers and creators included! We've all acted like an unchaperoned child at a birthday party in the past when it comes to our sweet tooth. Check out this list, because you're going to want to take your BFF to ALL of these sweet locations!!!

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Best Kind Bakeshoppe // Bay Roberts and surrounding areas

Beauties and a bakeshoppeIf you haven't already, you need to follow these talented creators on social media to see where they're headed next. They hit up plenty of local craft fairs and host pop-up shops to supply us with the goods. We all need a little Best Kind in out diet. Infiltrate the dealer, find the supplier. 

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Newfoundland Chocolate Company // St. John's

Chocolate is ALWAYS the answer! Representing how sweet Newfoundland is one chocolate at a time. The 'Newfoundland saying bars' are the perfect gift for any occasion, and they make a pretty sweet souvenir. 

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Rocket Bakery // 272 Water St.

We just dies for you.  You can never seem to go wrong with a sweet baked good from Rocket Bakery. The perfect dessert for any meal. Pairs well with a stroll through downtown with your BFF. 

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Sugar Mama's Bakery // Old Placentia Rd

The saviour of all things baked. Get your cupcake on at Sugar Mama's. They even have a new location opening soon to be closer to all the sweet tooth's in the East end of St. John's. We're very thankful. 

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Manna Bakery // 342 Fresh Water Rd

What even is lunch time if it isn't spent at Manna Bakery? Get there early to beat the lunch time rush and grab yourself a little sweet treat on the way out. Sure to make any work day more bearable. 

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Menchie's // 191 Kenmount Rd

We love Menchie's, how about you? The ultimate BFF date, especially when things start to heat up during the Summer months. Cool down and unwind at Menchie's. PSA: Cake Batter frozen yogurt. I repeat, Cake Batter frozen yogurt. 

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Bergs // 56-62 Conception Bay Highway 

For those super hot days, or any day really.  Berg's will always hit the spot and is sure to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours. You have to try the banana split. 

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Coffee Matters // St. John's 

The original BFF date. You won't leave disappointed. Coffee Matters has some delicious treats for you to try with your best pal. With their many locations, you can choose which is the most ideal for you. 

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