12 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Labrador At Least Once

A land full of discovery.

When it comes to Newfoundland and Labrador they are very different in their own special way. Newfoundland is known for the colourful waterfront, Gros Morne National Park and for many George Street. While there are various other aspects of Newfoundland, Labrador has a different atmosphere. The essence of the Northern Lights, the amazing wildlife not to mention the overall culture. We can learn a lot from our Innu sisters and brothers who help the land flourish.

If you've only ever considered going to Newfoundland make the effort to visit Labrador. With so many beautiful sights to see and spiritual experiences to discover, it's a shame to miss out on what Labrador as to offer. If you're not sure what they are all about here is a start to get you going.

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The Wildlife

Labrador is full of furry friends big and small. Their more popular species bring polar bears, black bears, arctic foxes, moose and caribou to name a few. It's a memorable sight to see when you come across a polar bear with her little cubs. Make sure you keep your distance as you don't want to disturb them.

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Aurora Borealis

Many come from far and wide to capture the beauty of the Aurora Borealis. It's magical colours fill the sky of pink, green and purple. Labrador's clear skies makes it the perfect location to get that million dollar shot. Enjoy seeing a solar storm when you visit Labrador.

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If there is one thing that's important to note it's Labradors culture. Different from Newfoundland in their own way, it stands out among it's neighbours. It's no secret the Innu respect their land and their ancestors. We could learn a thing or two from this and is something everyone should take into consideration.

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Torngat Mountains National Park

Labrador's main attraction is the Torngat Mountain National Park. Absolutely stunning and memorizing. With it's peak elevation of over 5400 feet, Mount Caubvick reigns the Torngat Mountains. It's deep fjords and high elevations is loved by so many and is worth the trip.

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Battle Harbour

Battle Harbour is a little town nestled away along the west coast. The little community was first established in the 1700's and is now a major tourist attraction. Now the restored community is something you cannot miss if you ever make your way to Labrador.

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Salmon and trout fishing

World renown salmon and trout fishing spots. If you want to catch something delicious for supper then look no further. Locals provide fishing excursions, one of the more poplar ones being Salmon by the Sea. Catch huge salmon and massive trout with the right guide for an experience of a life time. Every Fisherman's dream come true.

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There's nothing more appealing than seeing these masterpieces. Labrador has some serious iceberg game and is one of their highlights. Travelling down the coastline past Torngat Mountain range, floating by Nain and vanishing into the abyss. These babies are absolutely massive in size so they are hard to miss!

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You haven't gone snowmobiling until you've tried it in Labrador. The snowy terrain and beautiful landscapes makes it the perfect spot to get on the go. Take it from an experienced local who rides until the sun comes down. Have a day full of adventure exploring Labrador the best way they know how.

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Cross country skiing

Another fun activity is exploring the land by skiing. With great scenery and an even better workout you'll be happy you did it. Choose from cross country or backcountry powder either or will fill your day no problem. While you ski across the terrain you'll witness what Mother Nature has to offer.

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Remote atmosphere

Looking to get away from it all? There's no better place to escape civilization than stopping by Labrador. It's vast beauty and solitude will help clear your busy mind and soothe your bones. Let the nature around you be your answer to your woes. Nothing beats a sunrise on calm waters at dawn.

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Spiritual experiences

While staying in this magnificent province you need to immerse yourself. Follow the ways of some local tribes as they will help your mind expand to new horizons. The Innu culture values their environment and trust in their teachings. If you do anything you should try to do the same yourself.

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Dog sledding

Dog sledding brings a whole new meaning to squad goals. These beautiful huskies lead the way to new adventures with you as their passenger. Friendly, cute and powerful they will give you the time of your life. Dog sledding is pretty common in Labrador and for some is a way of life.

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