It feels like ice cream used to be so boring.   As a kid you were faced with the classic choice between chocolate or vanilla – maybe Neapolitan if you were getting really crazy.  Now there are frozen yogurt spots everywhere, with hundreds of wild flavors and candied toppings to choose from.  Places are making sorbet out of flowers, and gelato with real fruit.

Celebrate the last few warm days of summer (it’s still summer I don’t care) and take bae out to grab dessert from one of these awesome ice cream places located throughout the HRM.

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1. Dee Dee's Ice Cream // 5668 Cornwallis Street

Dee Dee’s is a family run ice cream shop right at the base of Citadel Hill!  What began as a little cream shop out at Peggy’s Cove in 2004 has turned into Halifax’s favourite spot for frozen treats.  Try some of their more unique flavors, like Black current and Lime Sorbet, or Haskap Berry Ice Cream.

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2. Cows Halifax // 1869 Lower Water Street

Known internationally for their “punny” apparel, Cows is a famous creamery with stores located all throughout The Maritimes.  They’re the ones that make those shirts that say stuff like “Austin Cowers” – but don’t be put off by their basic wordplay, their ice cream makes up for it!  Next time you’re down at the harbour, drop in and try their Wowie Cowie Cone.

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3. Dairy Bar Pop Up // Spring Garden & South Park Street

Located right at the corner of Spring Garden and South Park Street, Manual Food and Drink Co. is a family run pop up business that specializes in making delicious craft coffee and pastries.  In collaboration with the Stillwell Beer Garden they opened up a little ice cream stand this summer that serves up soft serve ice cream with some amazing toppings!

4. Sugah! // 1479 Lower Water Street

Made with old-school confectionary techniques, Sugha! prides themselves on using simple, natural ingredients in their to create the best quality ice cream possible.  Located on the waterfront, Sugah! hand paddles all their ice cream by combining the toppings and ice cream on a chopping board and smashing it all together!  They make some unreal combinations: try their Cotton Candy ice cream with Gummy Bears.

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5. Marble Slab Creamery // 278 Lacewood Drive

Marble Slab Creamery is a chain of ice cream shops that has locations all over Canada.  Not only do they have delicious ice cream by the cone, but they also make ice cream cakes, ice cream pies, ice cream crumble and ice cream cupcakes!  They have really cornered the market on cold dairy products!  Head over to their store on Lacewood Drive and try one of their many varieties of frozen dessert.

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6. Yeh! Yogurt & Café // 1560 Grafton Street

Located on Grafton Street, Yeh! Is one of those frozen yogurt spots that has 29032180 different ice cream toppings available to choose from.  They have levers around the store that you can serve yourself frozen yogurt from, so don’t shy away from combining two or eight flavors because you’re allowed!  I typically just get a little bit of ice cream and then fill up my cup with pieces of different chocolate bars but to each their own.

7. Humani-T Café // 1451 South Park Street

Humani-T is one of the few spots in Halifax that serves up gelato!  Located on South Park Street, Humani-T is a fully functioning café with delicious panini’s, soups and salads listed on their menu.  You can buy gelato and sorbetto there by the quart, or just try a small cup (piccolo) of one of their 300 different flavors if you're not looking to descend into an ice cream coma.

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8. Goji’s Frozen Yogurt // 5486 Spring Garden Road

Goji’s frozen yogurt offers a variety of gluten free, vegan, and dairy free flavours at their Spring Garden location.  The Goji’s chain can be found all over Canada, and offers an enormous variety of frozen yogurt toppings similar to those you might find at Yeh!  Try throwing some of the fresh fruit they offer on your next order!

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9. Uncommon Grounds // 1030 South Park Street

Located in the South End at Young and Victoria Road, Uncommon Grounds and Sugah! make up the “Uncommon Group,” along with Rum Runner’s who specialize in rum cakes.  The three unique brands come together to bring Haliognians a variety of different flavours and desserts.  Next time you're at Uncommon Grounds try their coffee ice cream with rum cake chunks !

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10. Fox Hill Cheese House // 1209 Marginal Road

Fox Hill is another one of the few gelato providers in Halifax, which they sell alongside natural yogurts, non-homogenized milk and…you guessed it…cheese!  With two locations in Nova Scotia - one at the Seaport Farmer’s Market and one in Port Williams - Fox Hill has taken the time to carefully develop a low fat ice cream product containing only 7% milk.  Try one of their 25 different flavors, available in waffle cones, cups or take home containers.

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11. Triple A Convenience // 6279 Jubilee Road

Famous for their ice-cream sandwiches, Triple A is the classic neighborhood corner store, located right at Preston and Jubilee.  They have all the traditional, old fashioned ice cream flavours and provide a fresh batch of home made cookies for optimal ice cream sandwich customization.  My personal favourite is two chocolate chip cookies with cookie dough ice cream in the middle.

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