The stereotypical Canadian accent that we’ve become lovingly known by internationally is particularly strong on the East Coast.  But like every city, the people of Halifax have expanded on our national dialect by developing a few greasy ways to say some pretty generic stuff.

Anyone who’s spent time in the HRM wouldn’t think twice about using a few of these hilarious phrases listed below.  We’ve also included a couple idioms that any Canadian around the world would be proud aboot using.

1. Youse Guys

The “ya’ll” of Canada: a pluralization of “you guys,” referring to a group.

2. Cur/bur/fur

The East Coast pronunciation of Car, Bar and Far: drop the “a” for a “u” sound.

3. Goin’ for a dart

Dart being a cigarette here. See also “Goin’ for a rip.”

4. Beer without the “s”

Whether you’re referring to one beer or one hundred beer, it’s never pluralized in Halifax.  To be fair you don’t wouldn’t call a group of deer “deers” either…

5. Timmy’s / Tim’s

The affectionate national nickname for Tim Horton’s.

6. Bahd

An abbreviated version of “buddy,” pronounced “bad” for brevity?

7. Greasy

If you’ve ever watched Trailer Park Boys you know this phrase can apply to almost anything, but usually refers specifically to a dive bar or particularly sketchy prank.

8. Aboot

I think everyone in Canada says it like this.

9. Goin’ for a rip

Can refer to any sort of car trip, cigarette break or general exit from the chill.

10. Annihilated

Wasted, hammered, sh*tfaced – just another way of saying drunk, basically.

11. Right

As in “I’m getting right tipsy at the Dome tonight.”

12. Awnt

The proper East Coast pronunciation of “aunt.”

13. Give’r

If your buddy is ever tentative about how to approach a certain situation, just tell them to “give’r,” for impulsive results with little forethought.

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