It’s funny how even after I look through my fridge and every cupboard in my house six or seven times I still can't admit to myself that there’s no food around.  “Maybe if I look one more time that old can of tomato soup that came with the house will suddenly become the thing I want to eat for dinner...”

Give up your futile search, accept defeat, and grab all the spare change you can find before heading out to order one of these tasty meals for less than five dollars.

1. Stella’s Antiguan Cuisine // 1209 Marginal Road

A popular fixture of the Halifax Seaport Famers’ Market, Stella’s delicious jerk chicken, curried goat and oxtail make them one of the most popular Caribbean food vendors in Halifax. Try their beef patties for only $3.00 each, or grab two for $5.00.

2. Elle’s Bistro // 1678 Barrington Street

Next time you’re looking for an affordable brunch spot to cure your hangover, or you find yourself in the mood for some deep-fried comfort food, head to Elle’s Bistro on Barrington. Order their Old School Diner Hamburger with mustard relish and fried onions for only $4.35.

3. Indochine Banh Mi // 1551 South Park Street

The popular Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich is taking the East Coast by storm! Banh Mi is a type of bread similar to baguette, and many Vietnamese street vendors will use it to make sandwiches with cilantro, beef, cucumbers, pickled carrots and daikon.  Check out Halifax’s own Indochine Banh Mi, and try their Fusion Tacos for only $4.25.

Photo cred - rdimock

4. Izzy’s Bagel Co. // 118 Bedford Highway

Izzy’s is one of the few spots in Halifax where you can find truly awesome Montreal-style bagels. With a vast selection of more than seventeen different bagel flavours available, a visit to Izzy’s will be sure to satisfy all of your greatest carb desires.  Try their California Sandwich for only $3.25!

5. Smith’s Bakery // 2525 Agricola Street

For all your sweet and savoury needs, swing by Halifax’s OG bakery Smith’s on Agricola. Founded in 1932, Smith’s is considered Halifax’s oldest independent bakery, and in keeping with tradition everything they provide is baked by a dedicated in house team.  Next time you’re there pick up some sausage rolls, or grab a slice of pizza for $4.25.

6. Pho Hoang Minh // 172 Wyse Road

Next time you’re in Dartmouth head over to the Wyse Road Plaza and grab some delicious Chinese/Vietnamese fusion at Pho Hoang Minh. Order their signature Pho to warm up on a cold day, or try the spring roll appetizers for less than $3.00!

7. Freddie’s Fantastic Fish // 8 Oland Crescent

Freddie’s is a quintessential maritime seafood joint that everyone in the HRM should visit at least once.  Try their fried haddock, dipped in Freddie’s signature batter for only $3.99.

8. Happy Veal Hot Pot // 1333 South Park Street

Happy Veal’s extensive menu and reasonable prices allow Haligonians the chance to try an authentic Chinese dining experience. Your standard fried rice and steamed dumplings are available in multiple varieties, however when visiting Happy Veal take advantage of their diverse selection and try something like chicken gizzards, or pork belly - both only $2.00.

Photo cred - lzyyan

9. Mary’s Place Café II // 5982 Spring Garden Road

Consistently voted as one of the best breakfast spots in Halifax, Mary’s offers a unique selection of both Middle Eastern and diner-style cuisines. They are known for always serving generous portions, and you can try their grilled cheese sandwiches for just under $5.00!

10. Jean’s Chinese Restaurant // 5972 Spring Garden Road

Jean’s menu covers the east Asian spectrum, and offers all kinds of delicious Thai, Japanese and Chinese food with free delivery for orders over $15.00. If you’re dining on a budget try their fried wontons for only $4.99.

11. Westcliffe Diner // 3089 Oxford Street

The menu at Westcliffe Diner is a student's dream, with almost everything priced at below $5.00. Try their clam strips and fries for $3.50, or grab some nachos for $3.99.  Their desserts look awesome as well, with sundaes at $2.25 and milkshakes for $1.75.

12. Alexandra’s Pizza // 1263 Queen Street

Alexandra’s has got locations all over the HRM, and their late hours make them a great spot to grab some donair after a night out, or a slice of pizza for just under $5.00!

13. Ko-Doraku // 5640 Spring Garden Road

It’s rare that one finds a good sushi restaurant able to accommodate a student budget – but look no further! Try almost any of the rolls at Ko-Doraku for $5.00 or less, or order some Nigiri for under $2.75.

Photo cred - weheartit

14. Rugova’s Pizza // 1148 Barrington Street

Obviously Rugova’s is known for their pizza, but if you’re looking to order on a budget try the chicken burger or the cheese burger, both available for just $4.95.

15. Lion’s Head Tavern and Grill // 3081 Robie Street

Lion’s Head is a classic Halifax pub with lots of great food deals available to compliment their vast beer selections. On Tuesday’s they’ve got a deal on chicken wings for just $0.40 each!

17. Julien’s Patisserie Bakery & Café // 5517 Young Street

Over by the Hyrdostone Market, the team at Julien’s are baking multiple varieties of fresh bread and delicious pastries every day at 7am. Enjoy a coffee and pastry on their beautiful patio for less than $5.00.

18. DeeDee’s Ice Cream // 5668 Cornwallis Street

Grab some locally made desserts at DeeDee’s Ice Cream on Cornwallis. Help yourself to a scoop of DeeDee’s creative flavours – like Dark European Chocolate Ice Cream - or a milkshake, all for under $5.00.

19. Triple A Convenience And Pizzeria // 6279 Jubilee Road

Located less than a five walk from Dal campus, Triple A sits on the corner of Preston and Jubilee. All five of the different hamburgers they offer cost $4.99, and their delicious pizza made in house is only $4.50 per slice.  Pick up one of their famous ice-cream sandwiches on the way out for dessert!

Photo cred - hannaarchi

Lion and Bright // 2534 Agricola Street

20. This trendy café in Halifax’s North End is a popular spot for students and young professionals to get work done and grab drinks. They have a pretty extensive list of wine and cocktails available, plus bar bites like oysters and pulled pork available for only $5.00.

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