With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, it’s important that we begin to stretch our stomach muscles in order to fully optimize the amount of delicious foods that will surely be coming our way over the course of this long weekend.

I’m no doctor, but common biology would lead me to believe, that the best way to optimize my food future food intake would be for me to start stuffing my face now.  As practice.  Right?

In an effort to properly prepare yourself for all the feasting that will be taking place this weekend, take advantage of these nine phenomenal all you can eat deals available throughout the HRM.

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1. Pizza Delight // 5680 Spring Garden Road

The folks over at Pizza Delight know it’s difficult to choose what you’re going to eat from their extensive menu – that’s why for only $10.99 they’re offering an all you can eat Pizza Delight Lunch Buffet, which includes pizza, pasta, salad, and more!

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2. Sushi Jet // 5518 Spring Garden Road

Every day of the week Sushi Jet offers multiple all you can eat dinner deals, with some very fair and specific pricing.  Children under the age of 10 eat for $16.99, while seniors dine for $19.99 and adults (over the age of 10) cost $22.99.

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3. ASAP Mabuhay Bar & Grill // 5237 Blowers Street

Right beside Willy’s poutine, this hidden Filipino restaurant offers an incredible lunch buffet, full of diverse menu options such as chicken adobo, pancit noodles, fried rice, and spring rolls, all at an extraordinarily cheap price.


4. Athens Restaurant // 6273 Quinpool Road

This popular Greek restaurant at Quinpool Road and Preston is known for their weekend all you can eat breakfast/brunch buffet, available Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. for only $11.99.  For those with a big appetite, try The Hercules next time you’re there!


5. Mizu Restaurant // 644 Portland Street

Mizu All You Can Eat in Dartmouth just reopened this year, and their menu is looking amazing!  Enjoy their all you can eat lunch for only $13.99, and their dinner deal for $23.99.  The all you can eat menu features soup, salads, tofu, sashimi and sushi rolls - drinks are also available, but they're not part of the deal unfortunately.

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6. Panda Buffet // 100 Main Street

True to its name, the Panda Buffet in Dartmouth offers a pretty standard Chinese food buffet at a great price, in addition to their unique menu which offers specials such as spicy fish, pork feet, and fried clams.

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7. Dhaba Express // 8 Oland Crescent

For $16.99 every Saturday afternoon from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Dhaba Express on Old Crescent offers a delicious lunch buffet that includes a variety of Indian cuisine from their menu, including basmati rice, naan, roti, and dessert.

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8. Gio // 1725 Market Street

This upscale Market street restaurant has a very cool selection of local art decorating their walls. On top of the fantastic decor, diners have the option of enjoying their Sunday brunch on the terrace of the neighboring Prince George Hotel. Upgrade to an all you can eat brunch for only $35!

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9. Wow Hot Pot Restaurant // 5650 Spring Garden Road

Wow Hot Pot Restaurant just opened its doors on Spring Garden Road, offering diners the unique experience of cooking their own meal in a hot pot full of flavourful broth.  Their lunch time all you can eat deal gets you a ton of genuine Chinese hot pot ingredients for one low price!

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