The hamburger scene in Halifax has blown up recently, with restaurants devising some incredible takes on the classic cheeseburger-and-fries-combo.  Gourmet burger establishments have been sprouting up all over their city, with menus dedicated entirely to providing Haligonians with everything we could ever want smacked between two buns and a beef patty.  People are putting donair in burgers, people are putting kimchi in burgers – people are even making burgers out of doughnuts!

Keep up with the times and order something unusual and delicious from one of the unreal establishments listed below.  Some of these spots are known specifically for their burgers, while others are popular restaurants that happen to have some awesome burger options available on their menus.  Regardless, all these spots offer a unique and delicious spin on the classic hamburger that you have to try.

Relish // 6024 Quinpool Road

With locations all over Canada, this gourmet burger spot relishes (!!) at the chance to get creative with their menu options, and has created a roster full of mouthwatering burger combinations that will blow your mind.  Go nuts and try their Harvest Jazz burger, with crumbled blue cheese, havarti, caramelized onions and walnut pesto.

Krave Burger // 5680 Spring Garden Road

Next time the burger kraving (see what I did there) strikes, head over to Krave Burger on Spring Garden for a little relief.  This brand new gourmet burger joint serves up a huge variety of unique, Canadian style burgers, with some pretty awesome side options that include mac and chees, truffle fries and much more.  Try their Donair Burger to combine the best of two amazing culinary worlds in your mouth.

FlipBurger // 1565 Argyle Street

FlipBurger has two locations within the HRM, making them twice as accessible should your desire for burgers strike unexpectedly.  Their delicious gourmet burgers are made using local beef, and their toppings are made with fresh Nova Scotian produce.  Treat yourself to a milkshake and fries with your next order from FlipBurger!

Willy’s // 5239 Blowers Street

Typically known for their incredible poutine, drunk people everywhere will be thrilled to learn that Willy’s on Blowers Street also serves up an incredible burger.  Diversify your late night eats next time you line up for munchies outside this delicious Halifax spot.

Darrell’s Restaurant // 5576 Fenwick Street

Tucked away on Fenwick Street, Darrell’s is a sit down restaurant that serves up some absolutely incredible burgers made with 100% certified Angus Beef.  Be sure to try their legendary Peanut Butter Burger, made with crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese and slathered with PB.

The Stubborn Goat // 1579 Grafton Street

This upscale Grafton Street restaurant has a delicious Beef & Blue burger that is definitely worth trying – made with urban blue cheese, pickled onion, smoked bacon, dijon! If you roll up for their weekend brunch, you have to try the Brunch Burger, made with bacon, brie, egg, onion jam and nutella, all served on a sourdough bun.

The Argyle Bar & Grill // 1575 Argyle Street

There are four delicious burgers to choose from next time you’re at the Argyle Bar & Grill, all made with 6oz charboiled AAA Beef and served on a toasted rustic bun.  You can honor the Argyle name by ordering their namesake burger, with mushrooms, jalapeno, smoked bacon and cheese.

2 Doors Down // 1533 Barrington Street

2 Doors Down offer a variety of different takes on the classic cheeseburger for customers to choose from, all with gluten free options available. Be sure to try The Smokehouse next time you visit, made with bbq’ed chorizo, smoked gouda, bacon and onion jam.

Cheese Curds Gourmet Burgers & Poutinerie // 380 Pleasant Street

Head over to Dartmouth and try one of over ten different gourmet burger options made available by this popular family-run business.  Start your day with the CheeseCurd Donut Burger from their breakfast menu, made with bacon or sausage, fried egg, and cheddar cheese, all sandwiched between two halves of a glazed doughnut!

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Ace Burger Co. // 2605 Agricola Street

Next time you’re tearing it up on the Gus’s Pub dance floor and realize you’re in desperate need of sustenance, grab a burger and fries from the folks at Ace Burger.  They’ve got everything on their menu: from your everyday, classic hamburger to the locally sourced Po’Boy, which uses fresh fish combined with fancy tartar sauce, beet-pickled onions, fried capers and lettuce.

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